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surprising results...

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so in short Hubby diagnosed stage 4 in Nov 2013, given prognosis of 6 months ad still here!

most recently since Christmas has had x4 cycles of chemo of Gemsplat as we call it, had SIRT last  year, and most recently the chemo has not worked and secondaries are active but 'stable' as little change over scans 3 motnsh apart.

Our challenge is to mentally reset to 3 months off all treatment as fatigue had been a big issue and time to recover before potentially more chemo in July. So we find ourselves in the midst of GCSEs and other exams, and finding things to do.

2 points to make....

1 the power of positive thinking, chemo and being well - yes we do have faith, yes we are in an active church yes we have lots of friends supporting us, but it all works because we choose to be well and live,,,,, and believe in being well

2 the challenge of mental stress to embrace good news as well as bad news - both are tough. Of course it is fab news, but also tiring to reconfigure and re-balance especially with teenagers in the house and so many questions people ask us. BUT also a strange one  as we have sorted lots, travelled lots, spent the kids inheritance!! We need a plan for now when we did not expect to have more time. Am not whiinging just saying it is tough and fabulous all at the same time,

best wishes to all


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You really are an inspiration!

It’s so hard to stay strong in the face of adversity and uncertainty, having your friends and faith around you to lift you both up and keep your positive thinking is clearly working.

Have you thought about going to Cornwall or the Isle of Wight for a short break post-GCSEs? Best of luck to your teenagers!