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Mum with bile duct cancer but really well. She went into hospital jaundiced. Stent put in. Diagnosis made with mets to liver. She is home - my life with young kids put on hold as receiving end of life care pkg. since home she has improved , now walking . Back to baseline . End of life pkg means prognosis less than 3 months but my Mum is getting better despite no treatment. What is happening ??

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    That's great to hear that your mum is really well at the moment but it's natural to wonder why she appears to be getting better when she's not having treatment.

    I had a different type of cancer which, touch wood, I've recovered from so can't help with your question but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. I've noticed that has recently posted about her husband having bile duct cancer and being on palliative care so I've 'tagged' her into my reply to you in the hope that she can pop on and reply to you.

    Wishing you and your mum all the best


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  • Hello Betsy95

    no real info for you beyond thinking how lovely for both you and your mum to have these weeks of mum being stronger.  So, the stent will be relieving the blockage in the bile duct and thus the jaundice and no doubt whilst it was being placed mum had antibiotics and perhaps a blood transfusion to help with anemia.  This will mean she will feel better and perhaps be able to eat more.  

    my husband is in exactly the same position as your mum and we feel so grateful that the skill of the doctors have made such a positive intervention and it has worked.  

    meanwhile the underlying cancer remains and is maybe growing and spreading and sadly bile duct cancer grows and spreads quickly.  It would be a wonderful outcome if your mums health improved to the extent she could have some treatment to slow the spread like chemo.  

    Everyone’s cancer journey is different.  Your mums 3 months prognosis is not written in stone.  My husband and I do not dwell on the palliative side of things but get into the now as much as we can.   It just seems too scary to think too far ahead.  

    So Betsy, it is a bumpy road ahead but you and mum seem to be on a smooth patch.  Don’t waste a minute. 

    with love


  • Thank you. Such a strange time in limbo x

  • Thank you. Such a strange time not knowing and waiting! Not knowing what to expect xx

  • i also heard somewhere that eating wrong salt also causes cancer so from that time i am using fine himalayan salt, waht are your thoughts on it , is it true or not?

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