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Four and a half years on i only have another six months until i am discharged!  I know that I have a very good rapport with my consultant after all this time!  When my reactions were mentioned on my last check up he said "if I had told you before would you have gone through with the treatment?". The answer was a categoric no!  But I did go ahead with the treatment and came through the other end!  I thank him for not forewarning me (I cursed him when I was suffering the most horrendous skin reactions!). But I can't thank him enough now for his treatment and his belief in the fact that I would come through the other end!  Four and a half years later the pain and discomfort are very distant memory and I owe him my life!!  A little discomfort is nothing for a few weeks in order to give you a few more years!!

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Wonderful news and well done to you. As the months run into years and the horror of it all becomes a distant memory, you must now feel like a million dollars or indeed priceless!

God bless 

Nassau xx

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Thank you so much Louise for this information. I already feel better knowing other people have got through this. 

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Congratulatons Happylady 

I am at the two and a half year stage and always look to see if there are posts from people that have gone through the treatment longer and out the other side. So thank you for your message. 

Wishing you good health for the future. 

Take care


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God it was great to read your post! I am just about to start my chemoradiotherapy tomorrow. 

I had stoma surgery 4 weeks ago and after reading all the journeys people have had I feel it may be an advantage during the sore, painful times!! Fingers crossed! 

These last few days I feel like either the tumour had grown out of my rectum or I have developed a hard lump?! It is red and itchy and bleeding a bit. 

Wonder if anyone has had anything similar? 

Many thsnks in advance, take care and fight! 

Lorna xx 

Lady Tourelle
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Thanks for this & so pleased you are nearly through your journey, and so successfully. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I am due my 6 week check up on Wednesday and I have spent all day today pebble dashing - just as I thought I was coming through it. Feeling low, but your post has cheered me up.



Lady Tourelle