Post treatment checkup

Hi Nilki/1in1500 and other community members. I'm now 5 wks post chemoradition treatment. Recovery has gone well, it's amazing how the body heals and how I  feel it everyday. I have my post treatment checkup with my Oncologist tomorrow and wondered what I should expect? Are bloods taken to check return to normal of immunity. Is the internal examination done with any pain relief (if needed)? I want to ask about shielding too as government advise is that from 1 Aug I no longer need to shield but original hospital advice was to shield for 3 mths post treatment. Finally, it sounds very vain, so please forgive me, but I'm desperate for a hair cut and colour, it's been 23 wks since I had it done last. How soon after chemoradiation can I have a colour, my salon say 12mths? Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Love to all. Bevx 

  • The permanent and semi permanent colours cannot be used as your skin will be very sensitive to the strong chemicals.  I have been using a wash in colour that lasts for 6 washes.  Do not use one that has to be mixed as these are permanent and use harmful chemicals. 

  • Hi ,

    It’s great to hear you’re doing so well. Like you I was amazed how quickly I healed after my treatment side effects peaked, I too noticed daily improvements although internally things took a little longer. At my first check-up with my oncologist after finishing treatment he asked how I’d been doing, he took a look at how my skin was doing & did an internal examination, he used lots of lubricant, I didn’t have any pain relief but if it makes you feel a bit easier then take something before you go. I seem to recall that was the last time I had my bloods checked too.

    Personally regarding shielding I’d be following the hospital advice as by the sounds of things that’ll be related to your treatment, the government advice is very generalised & medical shielding by GP’s has been very hit & miss, I’ve got colleagues at work that have worked with me right through lockdown & then have received a letter saying their shielding has been extended! What shielding??? My eldest daughter has congenital heart disease, a blood disorder & a liver disorder & she’s never received a shielding letter to date!! I was gobsmacked so we took it upon ourselves to shield her. 

    It’s not vain at all to want your hair doing especially when you’ve been through so much, it’s a great pick-me-up, I had my hair done 2-3 months after I’d finished my treatment, my hairdresser is a friend & came to my home to do it (I have a high-lift colour) & my hair was ok after having it done. Maybe you could ask one of the nurses at the clinic when you attend for a bit of advice or even ask your oncologist they’ll know best. I don’t know how you feel about DIY hair colours but I use all ‘clean’ beauty products & was in Holland & Barrett’s one day soon after finishing my treatment & overheard a lady asking about their hair dyes, her hair was just regrowing following chemo & was coming through white & they were advising her on a colour she could use which had none of the nasty chemicals in that regular hair colours have in them therefore it’d be gentler for her to use. It’d be worth a look. 

    All the very best of luck with your check-up tomorrow, hope all goes well. Keep us updated. 


  • Hi Nikki65. 

    Thx for your reply to my questions. I had my post treatment check today. I was (unusuly for me) a bit nervous before leaving home which resulted in 5 toilet trips! Anyway, the meeting went very well. Lots of questions around how I was feeling/recovery/bowels/dilators and a few laughs along the way. Oncologist said that my skin was remarkedly good following radiation. Internally, she said was excellent, no physical evidence of tumour/disease. I came out skipping on such a high. I know that my PET and MRI in Oct will tell the full picture but today felt like a real milestone. She also said that hospital guidance has changed, originally 12wks of shielding was recommended. Now the new guidance is 6wks, she pretty much said, go out and about but be careful, mask, sanitiser, hand washing etc. Now that I can, I'm nit sure thst I want to go out and about, it's odd having permission but daunting as the country is still at risk . Anyway, a very good meeting, I'm feeling very happy. Bevx

  • Hi, I'm glad your appointment went well. The first appointment after check up is always nerve wracking. To be honest I had my hair done and roots bleached I think  about 3-4 weeks post treatment as my hair looked awful (although I was grateful I hadn't lost any). One tip I would give is to start using the vaginal dilators as soon as you feel ready. I started with mine about 9 weeks post treatment. I was too sore before that. x

  • That’s brilliant news  ,  I’m so pleased your appointment went well & your great attitude continues as that’s just the way you should view today, it is another milestone passed.

    I’ve met a few people recently through work etc., that have been shielding until the beginning of August & have just begun getting out & about, they’ve also expressed the reluctance to go out so I think the way you’re feeling is perfectly normal, just start with small steps & as your oncologist has advised just take measures to keep yourself safe.