Normal or not???

You may remember that I asked about the small lump inside my anus, I still haven’t had an EUA so that is still bothering me. This week has been the week from hell,Monday was great and I did loads, maybe more than I should have. Tuesday evening I had bad stomach pain and felt that maybe it was wind but I couldn’t get rid of it. Wednesday wasn’t too bad but I woke with back pain, lots of pain relief and early night. The following day I woke up exhausted and felt the same all day, another early night and woke with diarrhoea!!!!

 I no longer know my body and feel I am turning into a complete hypochondriac, made worse by the fact that my children are fretting about me. I have always been strong and capable but now I don’t know who I am anymore. Is it just me and will it get better?

Toni x

  • Hi there ,

    I'm sorry that you’re having all of these issues right now! I'm just over 2 years post treatment & have just had a clear CT scan but what you’re describing with your tummy I still get that on the odd occasion & is usually followed by a couple of days of disturbed bowel issues, not diarrhoea exactly but I definitely go more often than usual. Regarding the lump & the back pain I would definitely chase up your consultant or specialist nurse to ask if this can be investigated as soon as possible as it’s concerning you, hospitals are beginning to pick up normal services again now so there shouldn’t be an issue being seen. Sporadic diarrhoea doesn’t seem to be unusual in itself following the treatment that we’ve had as unfortunately I think the bowel suffers some fallout from the radiotherapy. Your concerns are completely natural though, if a cancer diagnosis does anything it makes us hyper-aware of anything slightly out of the norm with our bodies & also it does rob you to a certain extent of the trust you once had in your body & your health, it takes time to build that trust back up again. Once you’ve been seen & hopefully reassured that everything is ok you’ll find that you begin to settle a bit. There is a group on the online community Life after cancer - Discussion Forumit may be worth having a look over there too as getting your life back on track after a cancer diagnosis can be a bit of a struggle, just click on this link I’ve posted if you fancy having a look. I hope you get seen soon & your worries can be eased. 


  • Thank you for your reply Nicola, do feel a bit like a whiny willy at the moment which makes me so cross with myself, sorry x

  • Ahh , you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for & please don’t be cross with yourself you’ve been through a tough time & it leaves us all with very, very mixed emotions. Also as I said before you lose trust in your health & your body. If you’re anything like me I also worried about how my parents, children etc., were coping with my diagnosis. This experience is so much more than a physical health issue it can also have a huge impact on our mental health. You will regain your strength & your confidence in time it’s just sometimes a bit of a slow road. 

    Take care.