Hi All,

Am just finishing my first week of chemo radiotherapy treatment - the fatigue hit me like a steam roller - was not expecting that but fifth session today and am feeling a bit more normal. Was wondering ( I know this is gross but guessing you’ve all been there) how did /are you managing with leakage? And does this mean the tumour is shrinking ( that’s my positive thought). Positive hugs to you all x

  • Hi ,

    Congratulations on completing your first week of treatment. Everyone’s experience with the chemoradiotherapy is a little different but like you’re finding the fatigue was a biggy for me!! Your body is dealing with a lot right now, it’s not only dealing with your tumour but it’s also being bombarded by all of these toxins from the chemo & the radiation, so when you think of it like that is there any wonder we suffer fatigue? The leakage issue I didn’t have until treatment had finished & then it tended to be after going to the loo! I’m not sure if it’s this kind of leakage you’re having or more of a discharge kind? I used pant liners & washed an awful lot to keep the area super clean whilst I was healing. There’s lots of products out there from liners to pull on pants depending on how severe it is but I’d have a word with your radiotherapy team at your next treatment, the girls that delivered my treatment had a wealth of hints & tips between them that absolutely made a difference with the hiccups that came along with my radiotherapy. 

    Week one is done, keep checking off those appointments on your schedule & you’ll be done before you know it. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything else. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Good luck. 


  • Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for responding. I’m doing the same as you with washing regularly to keep the skin clean. I have been given a barrier cream from my team which I apply after every wash and that seems to help. 
    I increased my pain relief last night to co codamol (only night and morning) with paracetamol twice during the day. I’m not one for taking medication normally (Guess I’ve been lucky that I haven’t been ill before)  so am sleepy this morning. 
    I hope you continue to be well on your journey to good health. Speak soon xx

  • Hi again ,

    Yes I used a lot of cream throughout treatment too & my skin stayed pretty much in tact until after I was finished. I couldn’t take any pain relief that was opiate based but found alternating paracetamol & ibuprofen 2 hourly did the trick. Due to the fatigue I thankfully had no problems sleeping & I used to have a nana nap during the day too, just rest when you need to rest & preserve your energy.