Between therapy & results

I finished my chemoradiation 24 April I was seen by oncologist four weeks ago, since then I have had MRI & PET scan I get my results 23 July. Oncologist said at 6 weeks it looked promising, I am very scared that when scan results come in that they have found something else. Am I being stupid? To feel this way, I’m scared to think it will be negative in case I get bad results. I feel fine except for fatigue occasionally & a little mucus occasionally when I have my bowels open. I would like to know how other people have found this and am I being too negative and worrying to much, I’ve had a rare meltdown day today..

  • Hi All, I’m almost a year post treatment and the stiff legs do go. I would stand up and the first few steps of walking would be really painful my legs were so stiff. As I continued to walk the stiffness would ease a bit but I would say it was there for quite some months. It’s massively improved now but I do get occasional pain & stiffness in my hips. July seems to be a month for results, am hoping for the best for you all. Please remember the treatment is very effective although I know that doesn’t stop the anxiety x

  • I too am waiting for results which I get on 23rd I’m am getting so stressed as it gets nearer, what will happen if it has not worked will I have more treatment or is that it. It’s fear of the unknown at my review I was told it looked promising but to me it means nothing. My thoughts & prayers for all waiting like me & fingers crossed. 

  • Thank you for sharing your painful legs with me, it has reassured me as I keep thinking that maybe the cancer has spread to bones, but your description is exactly how mine are so am praying it’s just another gift from the aftermarth of radiotherapy and not anything sinister.    Thank you for well wishes.  Tomorrow is the day so I doubt I will sleep well tonight.   Well done on being a year post treatment I hope you are staying well x

  • Hi, I hope all went well with your results. I get mine tomorrow.  Like you I am worried what the next step would be if we don’t get the outcome we are hoping for.    Praying all went well for you x 

  • Hi SandyB47,

    How were your results?  I had good news.... all clear!!

  • Hi Matilda24,

    I am so thankful to say that I had great results - no sign of cancer!  I’m praying that you will be the same. Xx

  • Hi ,

    Just to say huge congratulations on your great results. So pleased for you. 


  • Thanks so much Nicola, the relief is immense!  Have you had your results? 
    Denise x

  • Hi again 

    I completely appreciate that feeling you have, it’s incredible to hear that news isn’t it? I’ve received my CT results & that was clear of any residual disease or any metastatic disease so everything is good thank you, I’m still awaiting the MRI results so hoping I get them soon! 


  • Hey deegee0208

    i am also thankful to say my results we great too, no evidence of disease.   Thank you for the prayers.   So next step is biopsy and then reverse the Stoma.   Are you the same?   My only concern is when they do the biopsy what happens if they find more cells?  Does anyone know why the options are then??   Take care xx