Between therapy & results

I finished my chemoradiation 24 April I was seen by oncologist four weeks ago, since then I have had MRI & PET scan I get my results 23 July. Oncologist said at 6 weeks it looked promising, I am very scared that when scan results come in that they have found something else. Am I being stupid? To feel this way, I’m scared to think it will be negative in case I get bad results. I feel fine except for fatigue occasionally & a little mucus occasionally when I have my bowels open. I would like to know how other people have found this and am I being too negative and worrying to much, I’ve had a rare meltdown day today..

  • Hi Sandy B47, I think we can all relate to how you feel, waiting for results is the worst. Before my first scan results it was a horribly anxious wait. I’m due more scans next month (one year scan) and am already dreading the waiting for the results. Try to remember that the vast majority of people do get good results, this treatment is very effective. I also found keeping really busy before the results helped a bit. Fingers crossed all goes well for you. X

  • Thank you so much for your reply it has helped me a little. 

  • Hi ,

    I know it doesn’t help much but rest assured the way you are feeling is completely natural. It’s awful waiting on results, even 2 years on I find it difficult, I’ve recently had both my annual scans, CT & MRI & don’t see my surgeon until October (appointments are all out of sync because of COVID!) so I’m hoping I’ll maybe get a call with my results in a couple of weeks. The fatigue you’re experiencing takes a little getting over & although I’ve never experienced the mucus I believe this is quite normal following our treatment. We’ve all had those meltdowns occasionally so please don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s still very early days for you yet, as time goes on & when you get the results of your scans I’m sure you’ll feel much more settled. 


  • Thank you it’s nice to know others feel or have felt the same. 

  • Hey Sandy

    I finished my chemo radiation treatment on 23 April and like you are now getting anxious as results day is 30 July.  I had a physical examination on 4 June (very unpleasant) but the consultant said he was confident he could no longer feel the tumour. 
    I then had MRI but not a PET Scan, I was told if MRI comes back as NED (no evidence of disease) then the final result will be a biopsy.  
    It’s scary as I keep thinking it might not have worked or it might have spread and I can totally understand the meltdown. x

  • I was terrified too, and my first appt showed there was still cancer. I didn’t get the all clear until 4 months after treatment ended.

    Try and focus on other things. The treatment is highly effective, so you are most likely to get a good result.

    best wishes,

  • Hi SandyB47,

    I too will receive results on 23rd July.  I completed chemoradiotherapy mid April then had a telephone consultation 6 weeks later.with the Consultant..  MRI on 10th July and awaiting results.  My anxiety is high right now, so worried the tumour may still be there.  I had slight burns with treatment but they have now healed.  I still have occasional bowel urgency in the morning, and some mucas.  My legs feel stiff all the time and I feel fatigued early evening.  Today I had pelvic pain which has freaked me out.  This eternal waiting for results is truly horrible.

  • Hi there ,

    Yes the scanxiety is REAL! Rest assured though all the symptoms you’re feeling right now I had too & are almost certainly as a result of the radiotherapy, I’m now 2 years NED. I’m awaiting my annual scan results now & although it does get a little better the further you go along I still get quite anxious. Only 3 more days to wait but I know that can feel like an eternity! wishing you the very best of luck for your results. 


  • Hi, 

    Everything crossed for you and everyone waiting on results. Mine are 30 July and the closer it gets the more anxious I am.  
    I too have stiff legs which also feel heavy, they are not swollen but every time I stand up I feel like an old lady, yet I am only 49.  I have a stoma as the tumour was 13-15cm and so they made a stoma to take the pressure off the bowel so I don’t get urgency but I do still get mucas.  

    As one of the other people on here said.... it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. Wink

  • Hi Trish 

    I am awaiting the results of my treatment, I have my scan on the 30/7 then see the consultant on 20/7 for the results of MDT ,, my question is if the treatment did not work what will they do ? and does anyone else have pains in legs and feet when walking or even resting in bed, mobility is definitely an issue....