Blood clot in lung

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd update you on how I'm getting along. I finished treatment a year ago. I've had 2 x MRI of the pelvis since then with NED.

I had a telephone consultation earlier in April and a CT Scan was arranged for the pelvis, thorax and abdomen. Despite being advised it would be delayed due to Coronovirus I was offered an appointment and the scan took place on Tuesday of this week.

On Wednesday, I got a call from the cancer centre advising that as far as the cancer went there was NED. However, there was a blood clot in my left lung (pulmonary embolism) and what is called 'ground glass' in my right lung. I was called back into the cancer centre the following morning - yesterday for assessment. 

I was advised that chemotherapy and or cancer causes the blood to thicken and in my case, a blood clot in my lung! I was rather shocked because if this is a risk, why is it not monitored? I understand it's a simple pin prick of blood and can be done at the Gp's surgery. I am now on 6 months blood thinners. Regarding the 'ground glass this is unexplained and I've to have a further scan in 3 months.

I'm letting you know my story for 2 reasons. Firstly, if medical surveillance is offered to you, take it up. I was advised by my hospital many patients were cancelling their surveillance scans due to Coronovirus and secondly, please be aware that this could happen to anyone, please get your bloods checked! 

Best wishes x

  • Hi ,

    I’m sorry you’re going through this right now!… It seems sometimes you feel you’ve conquered one hurdle just to be faced with another doesn’t it? I felt I was doing well on my recovery from the treatment for AC only to discover I had 2 Basel Cell Carcinomas on my back, although they were easily dealt with & removed as soon as they were detected!…

    I had my bloods checked back last year but that was only at my request as I wanted a couple of things checking including cholesterol & vitamin D levels so my lovely GP did a complete blood screen right down to my inflammation markers etc., would this issue show up on a routine blood screen? Other than that my last blood test was during treatment (2 years ago now!)… I thought I was due annual scans this June but my oncologist said back in March that the Plato Trial dictates I’m scanned at 12 & 36 months which would mean I’m not due til next year! He also said though that my surgeon may want me scanned annually but that’s up to him to organise & I'm due to see him soon, which I’m expecting the appointment to be changed to a telephone appointment! But if he wants me scanned then regardless of Covid-19 I’ll be attending those scans. 

    Regarding the ‘ground glass’ found on your scan this is something I’ve never come across or heard of before. 

    Hopefully the thinners will take care of this clot & you’ll be fit & well again soon. 

    Take care.