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As if I didn't have enough going on! I'm now on antibiotics for an abscess! Its something I had (on the side of my breast) at the beginning of the year and it cleared up with antibiotics, and just a tiny dot was left. Now that tiny dot has decided to rear its ugly head into a full blown absess again! 

Have to now stop the chemo tonight and Monday morning (with the weekend break anyway) and take the antibiotics

I, as I do, went into panic mode thinking is stopping the chemo or even having antibiotics going to be detrimental to the treatment- but the consultant assured me not and that we just need to get it sorted and have caught it nice and quick.

Why cant I just be normal!!! 

Deb x 

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Hi Deb

Sorry to hear you're having to take a break w chemo for a couple of days while you take antibiotics but you are getting the best care and advice so they are obviously on top of it.  As for normal I have decided to park that for now it's over-rated anyway and there's plenty of time to be normal once we get to the end of this process.

Try and relax over the weekend - let us know how you are getting on - even if you just want to type aaarrgh... by way of reply I think everybody on here will understand that.

Deb1E x

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Hi Deb 

Ive heard of people having successful results without the chemo. Most of the work is done by the radiotherapy .

A short break of a couple of days,  won't hurt the process at all.

Don't worry

Ian x

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Hi Deb,

Thats bad luck about the abscess, unfortunately during treatment as you know the chemo side of things pretty quickly wipes out our immunity so any infection can quickly take hold so it’s good that your team have got onto it with the antibiotics straight away. From what I understand capecitabine is a  kind of cell stabiliser, it slows the cancer cells down whilst the radiation zaps them, I know of a couple of people that had to stop the capecitabine altogether pretty early on due to serious side effects & have had very successful outcomes with the radiotherapy as the sole treatment. On the plus side you wouldn’t be taking them over the weekend anyway so hopefully you’ll get this infection sorted quickly & you’ll soon be back on the full regime.

Take care & try & rest up over the weekend.

Nicola x

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My oncologist prescribed 10 weeks of anti biotics to be take for the five weeks of treatment and following five weeks as a precaution. My chemo was 5HU given intraviniously. Never heard of anyone else having this. I suppose different oncologists have different versions of treatment.