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Nikki S
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Hi all. I’m nearly 6 weeks post treatment and despite my burns healing well the itching seems to be getting worse, I know itching means healing but I wondered if it meant the Radio was still working, my consultant says it can work for up to 6 months afterwards. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s drivimg me nuts x

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Hi Nikki.  Glad to hear you’re healing well. Sorry about the itching, it’s an area you can’t have a good scratch!

I was recommended by one of the folks on here to try Piriton, and I did find that helpful, especially at night.

Have you got your first MRI coming up soon?

Much love,


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I used Piriton last night, what a life saver! After squirming and pressing my itchy sore areas for about an hour last night, I took some Piriton and managed to sleep through a full 5 hours! Thanks!

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What about Aloe Vera gel..keep it in the fridge and it should be very soothing 

Cath x

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Hi, I’m nearing the end of treatment but have suffered itching since around about the end of week 2 & was advised by radiotherapy girls to only wash with aqueous cream as opposed to soap or femfresh etc., I’ve found that along with antihistamine & plenty of moisturiser helps loads, I’m also going to be getting a supply of aloe gel for after treatment finishes.

Nicola x

Nikki S
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Thanks all, sorry I haven’t replied, it hadn’t emailed me to say I’ve had replies! 

I have only used Aloe gel which I keep in the fridge, it’s healed my burns well. Yes I use antihistamine, the drowsy one at night if it’s bad, seems to be worse at night! Glad to know I’m not the only one! 

Love to you all x