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Sqausmo C C

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Hi . Thanks for asking. But no, nothing yet. Finally recovering from the painful, rectal biopsie though.  

One part of me doesn't want them to call me in for an appointment & the other part of me is dreading them calling me in ,& what the Dr is going to say... the waiting to know is horrendous as I'm getting on with my day & then get hit with thoughts of  what's really happening to me. I do wish though I would hear something soon. 

Lady Tourelle
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Hi Jesse, Last day of my five and a half weeks of chemo radiation. Whoppee!!i have had some very severe, very rare effects of the treatment ie. broken skin, swelling etc. However, all bearable, & only the occasional little emotional wobble. If you have got it, first of all don’t worry about what you don’t know, secondly, if you have it, you can do it! You realise you are one of very many people going through cancer, and many worse than you. Somehow your body finds the strength to cope. Once you start treatment, you are on a roll, and you stop worrying. The stage you are at is the most frightening part of the whole thing! 

I have written a blog a blog of my experiences, right from the beginning to now. It is a bit naughty, many say funny, but it might help. Be warned, rude words. Google

Good Luck. We are all with you.

Lady Tourelle

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Thank you . 

I will take a look later at your blog. I'm sorry to say I've been playing an avoidance game with my self right now. 

Avoiding any conversation about the realities of mine & others cancer  situations. I think because I've earlier ,joined some Cancer discussion groups on line. 

Nearly all of them are talking about alternative treatments to their cancer diagnosis & advocating avoiding at all costs  any conventional treatments . Ie; radiotherapy & chemotherapy & the damage it does to a person's body. It's a minefield.

 Ive still not been contacted about my results & feel quite peeved that Drs can allow someone to go through this waiting game for results. Either way, they must know how difficult the waiting is? I feel like my life's on hold & may have this ticking time bomb travelling willy nilly around my body , just waiting to pounce. 

I'm sorry to sound so rubbish but that's how I feel, totally out of control of anything to do with this nightmare. 

It's lovely that you manage to feel so positive and write a blog about your experience. Well done for getting through it all. I just don't feel as strong & capable for doing what you are managing to do. It sounds horrendus and I'm in awe of how you appear to be handling it all. I wish you only good health & strength to continue through . X 

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Hi Jesse

So sorry that you have found yourself here, but here you are and we are all here to help each other.

I was diagnosed on the 21st June last year so coming up to my 12 month anniversary. I had been treated for piles for around 18 months which were getting gradually more painful as time went on only to find out I had cancer. I was horrified... I had the chemo radiation therapy 28 days radiotherapy and the 2 weeks chemotherapy pump. It's a short harsh hit and it does make you feel rotten. I had blood transfusions , ended up in hospital with sepsis, oh it was hard. They don't tell you how hard it is . 

From diagnosis to treatment it was near 3 months as I had to have a bowel defunction - my tumor who I call Sophie by the way, after a girl who once used to work for me and who was a right pain in the butt - and now have a stoma who also has the name of BABS which stands for Beat It And Be A Survivor. 

After finishing treatment in Oct I have had no more. My last scan shows that Sophie is now 7.9mm , I didn't ask how big she was I'm the beginning, I just know that she had grown through my bum muscle and wax classes as t4 , my node was pretty swelled too. I have my next examination on the 21st June and hopefully then they will decide whether or not they can remove her or if she will carry on shrinking herself. My stomach is reversible as long as Sophie has gone. But do you know what? Even if she isn't able to be reversed, I'm ok with that, she's saved my life and I'm grateful for that!!! 

So , take each appointment as the next step. Don't worry about what you don't yet know. Always take someone with you. It's so important to have that support. Create a family and friends group if your on Facebook, they can post messages of support on there and you can keep them updated all at once. It helps I promise . 

Try to keep your pecker up. It's not the end of the world. 

And finally, if you ever need anything from us, we are all here for you xxxx

Susie G
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Hi. Just read your post and it helped me. I started treatment on the 29th May. The worst so far is the chemo. I have extremely swollen lips and they are sore. Together with sore and swollen gums and tongue. I bit of tingle down below which I know will get worse.

Jesse, it is hard as Lelroll69 says. But as they also say, it is short. I plan a treat at the end of it which I am really looking forward to. I am alive Andrew the prognosis is good. I see some people at the hospital who are really poorly and I am thankful that I have what I have.

Believe me, you will find the strength to go through this. I don't know where it comes from but we humans are amazing with what we can deal with. It is the waiting which is hardest. As soon as  I was told I wanted to start the next day. So I planned treats, sorted my house out, saw friends. Chin up WE will get there

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Hi Jesse, I can’t believe you’re still waiting for results! but maybe this is a good sign. In my experience once they knew what they were dealing with things moved pretty quickly indeed. 

There’s lots out there to read about pro’s and con’s of treatment. However, the standard treatment for this cancer is tried and tested and does work. This cancer can be cured! I’m coming to the end of my treatment now, I’m very uncomfortable but in 9 days it’ll be over and then I can concentrate on healing and getting better. 

I hope you get some news soon for your own piece of mind. 


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Yes, me neither. Apparently they only meet once a week to discuss the previous weeks patients? Or so I've been told. Probably a long list of people & the NHS is slow moving today . 

Still; surprise surprise , happy to post that ive just had a call from the hospital to see the Dr next Tuesday ( 12th ) dreading it ..But eager to know too. Thanks for your message. 

Sorry to hear how uncomfortable things are And I wish you speedy healing & health . I bet those 9 days can't come soon enough? You All seem so brave on here.  Good luck. Will post next week when I get some news. X 

Chatty cathy
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Hi Jesse

I’m nearly one year post treatment.  This blog was a godsend to me!  I gained so much support and information from it.  If you think of anything ask!  Some one always has the answer even if you don’t think k they will.

My motto was always onward and upward.  I was lucky in that I accessed maggies cancer centre and had an amazing holistic place local to where o live.  Embrace all the support - you can do this.

As I type  on holiday enjoying the sun.  Thus time last year I was in the throes of chemo and radiation so what a difference a year makes! 

From this blog I’ve learnt that the tablet chemo seems less harsh.  I had it intravenous and it gave me terrible mouth ulcers.  The radiation zapped my energy and left me with burns.  I’ve healed, I’m cancer free and enjoying having my life back.

Sending you lots of luck and a speedy recovery xx