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Anal discomfort 4 months after stoma reversal

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Hi there. Another Newbee joins!  It’s nearly 3am and I am suffering with horrid anal discomfort following my Ileostomy reversal last Oct.  Tried so many barrier creams, steroid creams, anaesthetic creams, co-codamol, etc and now resorting to Oramorph.  It’s so painful, burning, itchy...I’m at my wits end.  My Oncologist and surgeon know about it but no one can find a solution. My cancer is stable so it may be to do with the damaged nerve endings I suffer?  I have severe neuropathy. I was taken off my new maintenance chemo until this settles.  Can anyone advise? It’s exhausting and draining.  Thank you! X

Jess - Macmillan
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Hi ,

I'm sorry to hear about your cancer and I'm glad you've found the Online Community to get support.

I've moved your question to our Anal cancer group as you seem to have asked your question to others.

All the best


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