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has anyone used this and how did you get on with it?

How long does the anaesthetic last?


Trish wilks
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Hi dalesguy, and all the newbies, I used instilagel i used to mix it with purilon it's to harsh to use on its own. It is brilliant stuff it works almost immediately just b careful not to put to much on I used a wad load the 1st time and ended up lead on the bed for 2 hours 1, I used it neat, 2, I used far to much. I couldn't feel my legs for ages after it's strong stuff but I would recommend it. Trishx
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Hi Dalesguy, yes I used instillagel in copious amounts to start, a huge bagful of made up syringes of the stuff was given to me during treatment with a stern reminder not to run out, I could have as much as needed and only to be used on unbroken skin. once the skin showed signs of break down, and for some this is not  so bad, each person acts in a different way. Once the skin, and I needed it I had a similar product only morphine was in the gel.again given as much and as often as required. No need to slather it  on, just keep the skin clean, moisturised, and with regular applications of gel, we saw it thru. 

To be honest I did not use aqeous cream other than to use as a mild wash before a pat dry, but I did use something called cream seven, again each to his own, a cream containing healing manuca honey, again applied in just enough to go into the skin, not heaped on..

but you will I am sure take all that is being offered in recollections and support here and come to your own conclusion as to what or which combination will suit you! 

To answer your question direct, instillagel helped me!

All the very best on your journey, may there be many soft pillows to lie on as you make your way forward!

Rustyk ;-)

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thanks for reply ,Im just getting beside myself now 2 .5 weeks in I dont know whether to pee, have a poo or go on holiday (joking) 

I had the trots sun and mon , so all the fresh fruit and veg hasnt been touched due to the fibre content .Am having refined oats in water and pea protein .Ive read dairy can set it off because the RT destroys the enzyme that digests lactose.

Apparently all the digestive enzymes get destroyed in the process.

I dont think the gel is helping at all. I get more relief from paracetomol unless im missing the spot but the doctor said yesterday the skin on the anus is beginning to break down.Its hard to imagine such a small area can cause so much pain.

Ive sent for the 7 cream , a firm in Kent i contacted.

Have been using aloe vera after treatment and at night , the cream or e45 at other times.

Going through to Leeds in about 45 min for RT and bloods, hopefully ill get home before dark .Yesterday was a long day what with seeing the doctor .

The next 2 weeks the  RT centres on the anus, which i hope will give other areas such as the bowel, bladder , etc chance to heal 

Any way better go