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Hi Bruciebonus, looks like we had the same cancer at the same time. I was diagnosed with T2N0M0 in January this year too, (maybe because of hpv virus) and had treatment in Feb/March. 

Its good to see how you get on as we were treated at the same time.(I think the chemo has caused tinnitus and GERD but better than being ill!) 

I had a good mri scan result too and next onco visit on 24th of this month. 

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Hi there - yes - very similar stories. I couldn’t help but chuckle at your user name - is that due to the radiotherapy by any chance ? I was expecting chemo to be worst but on capecitabine pills I just felt like I had a hangover for 2 months, it was rage radiotherapy that was the endurance test - and it did not reach its peak until well after I completed.

I hope that wide access to the HPV jab will make this cancer as uncommon as it used to be but I think it will take another generation to see that effect.

I’ll keep an eye out for your updates :-) 


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Hi Bruciebonus!

Yes the name was inspired by the ailments.Ha ha. 

So you had chemo tablets? I had a drip in for 2 x 5 days as an inpatient. (Well it was 2 x 6 days in the end). Had a horrible time with it but was also in a ward with very poorly cancer patients so I also learned how lucky I am! 

My daughter is just coming up to the age where she gets the hpv jab. I’m delighted she won’t get the damn hpv related cancers! (Cervical smear tests are no fun day out either!). It’s amazing how they can prevent the worst strains of the virus to protect the young teenagers. 


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Hi Bruciebonus,

I had an examination by my oncologist last Friday and so far so good. Phew! 

I was just wondering how you were getting on? 

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Wow , thank you Louise. I've just joined this group having been diagnosed 2 weeks ago with an anal Basaloid SCCa.

I'm slowly getting my head around it. The hardest part was telling my children, albeit they are adults.

I met with the oncologist today and see the radiotherapy guys on tuesday. This looks to be all set to rock and roll a few days before xmas.

I 've read heaps but this post of yours Louise together with all the info from fellow travellers has made a real difference . Your information fills in all the gaps left by the medical teams.

If its ok I would like to print it out for future reference and to share with my family  so they have some idea how to help and what to expect.

I will stay in touch with this group during my treatment . Thanks so much everyone :)

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Great to hear your news and Thku for asking - I got the same news today. I was scanned last week at 6 months since last one and this scan showed no recurrence and no spread - hurrah ! 

I’ve seen several others post good news this week - our particular type really does seem to have very good cure rates !

How did you celebrate ?


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Hey that’s brilliant news! Yes there is a lot to celebrate at the mo. 

My MRI scan result was a few weeks ago and that very afternoon I booked a holiday to the Gold Coast in Australia to visit my sister! 

The check up I had last week I celebrated by ordering a bike for Xmas! I couldn’t imagine rinding a bike ever again earlier this year!! I’m sticking two fingers up to cancer! (If you know what I mean, ha ha) 

Oh and both times I celebrated by poisoning myself further with Bacardi. Ha ha. 

How are you celebrating? 

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Hi, Xena, and a warm welcome this snowy morning.....Brrr! 

Didn't Louise do a magnificent job of putting all the info into one place, it's a fabulous resource!

I'm sure you could print it off, it certainly fills in the gaps that others don't.

What a great time to start treatment......mine also cut through Christmas three years ago! Grrr! I subscribed to Sky cinema, lay on my side and went square eyed!

Contemplating the treatment is pretty scary, the reality wasn't as bad as I thought initially, so I relaxed and settled into it, but we are all different. It is short, sharp and fairly nasty, but doable.

The treatment is very effective and getting better all the time, with a greater than 90% cure rate.

Do stay in touch during your treatment, I wouldn't have managed mine without the support of others here, plus having a good whinge! 

Much love,


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Hi fellow sufferers,

I'e been catching up on your posts as I always do and always learn something new! But.....I still can' fathom as I haven't found anybody else yet who has had the same treatment as me, why I got away with just having my SSC and AIN3 excised twice and didn' have any chemo/radiotherapy! I seemed to have been treated as if it were just a bad bit...cut it out and that will be fine! 

I went for my six month check up which I was expecting to be fairly intrusive and at least involve a scan/MRI but again no... just a physical bottom examination. Surgeon said that I look fine inside that my scar tissue has healed well and all hunky dory.

I asked her how could she tell if there were any dodgy cells...ashe said that she would be able to SEE them? I' left wondering .. If that were so, that they were visable why did I need two operations because they didn' get it all first time, if they can see it they should have been able to see that there was still some left behind? 

More questions than answers as usual...You end up cheering because they'e said you are okay, but then you wonder ... is this the cheaper option! 

Best wishes to you all

Nassau xx

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Well done, Satdownatlast! But it conjures up a picture of you on your bike, giving a two fingered salute swaying wildly from side to side under the influence of Bacardi!

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Hi Liddyloo! 

I will do just that! Can we post pictures on this forum? Ha ha. 


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Yes, I had to drink water too - they showed me the difference of the bowel position empty and full on their screen - when it is full it lifts the bowel up and away from the anus and the area to be radiated - clever

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Hi all, thanks Louise & everyone that’s replied to this post, this & all the supporting posts in reply are just the kind of thing I needed at the moment, I’m newly diagnosed & am at the very beginning of the road, biopsy results received yesterday & MRI & CT scans booked for next Tuesday then I’m assured I’ll be seen within a week or so by the team that will be treating me. Heads all over the place at the minute & fearful for what’s to come but I’m sure you’ve all been there! 

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I start my first Radiotherapy sessions tomorrow ...... thanks for posting the above information, very helpful. 

Martyn :) 

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Louise      a fantastic post      i am seeing my  chap tomorrow to find out what my lung cancer is called . This article has been most informative with treatment and after effect . thank you. pchad