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Positve and negative

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Hello all bumlanders

This week I saw my oncologist for the results of my ct scan.She informed me that the cancer was showing signs of shrinkage whic is good.She also said that she noticed something on my liver that she thinks should be checked out,she said its probably nothing to worry about but of course I am worried .I have an ultrascan on tuesday and see her a week after so fingers crossed, one step forward one one step back,its only 4 mnths post treatment but seems never ending. I do take great comfort knowing what other bumlanders have been through and come out the other side with great optimism,thak God for the support on this site.

Wishing all bumlanders my very best, nice to hear from you Robin again,you have really been through the mill I hope things improve for you soon.
Love and best wishes to all Annie XXX

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Hi Annie

Let's look at the positives and say great news about the shrinkage. Also, as my husband always says when I get worried before check-ups and scans to be grateful that they are keeping such a good close eye on us. They do tend to put the wind up us with little snippets they throw in & I know full well it is no good to say stop worrying as we all know how it feels.  I cannot remember who actually said on this site that worrying is such a waste of time & the only time to worry is when we finally get any news that we perhaps would rather not hear.  Easier said than done but I do try and follow that advice. I am sure it will not be anything nasty & then you can relax and concentrate on living life to the full.

Go and have a nice glass of Rioja - you deserve it.

Will have all appendages crossed & send you the biggest bumland hug.  Keep us posted.

Lots of love Carole xxxxxx

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Hi Carole and Annie, well good news about shrinkage!! and re who said worrying was ummm not a good use of time, I saw a great peanuts cartoon, Can't remember the exact personage but it went like this,

I spent all my time worrying about this exam, I spent all my time worrying I couldn't sleep, I spent all my time worrying that I would fail, next character I think it was Lucy asks; and what grade did you get? A, replies the main character, ' and you know what, I wasted some good worrying time over that!!

anyway quit worrying, enjoy your shrinkage which can go on for a long time. my anal cancer has gone, really lucky in going it left little scarring, but the R/T may have left some tender bones, (hence a fracture of coccyx after fall, ouch) but the pile that wasn't a pile but part of the cancer is still gettin smaller, bity by bit!!

Good Fortune to all Bumlanders

RustyK ;-)

Little My
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Hi Annie hooray for shrinkinge. As to the liver , I have innumerable liver lesions but they have come to nothing so it's not always bad news. I had the same from the beginning- we need to look more at your liver and then a lung nodule to track and so it goes... So as everyone said try not to worry too much though of course you will whatever we say because we all do!! So a big hug and enjoy the moment xxx Little My xxx
Phoenix Rising
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Hi Annie,

Good news from your oncologist - congratulations ........ I just don't understand why they give you just enough to get you worrying, but don't take the time to discuss it properly - because OF COURSE you're going to worry - I think if we were all completely honest with ourselves we do worry about those things that niggle our brains - even if it isn't expressed by rocking and bemoaning our fate.

My GP FINALLY got the lead out of his ass and when I saw him this Wednesday, he was actually responsive and was into referring me to a haemotologist, moving up my review date with the surgeon, and sending me for more tests. 

Now, before anyone faints - I can't help but wonder how much of his attitude adjustment was as a result of MY call to the cancer clinic filling them in on what's been going on and faxing them all the copies of my blood work since my review with the oncologist on March 6th.  They hadn't been sent ANYTHIING by my doctor and were astounded that I was still feeling so ill and that my blood work was increasingly abnormal. 

I suspect that the cancer nurse I spoke  with then went to the oncologist to discuss it and when I saw my doctor on May 8th, he had a letter there from my medical oncologist directing him to have a number of tests done, as well as an ultrasound, and directing him also to proceed, "If all tests are normal with the exception of neophrenia,please proceed with a "surveillance program of the CBC and differential every 6 months for 2 years". If the test results weren't normal, I was to be referred to a haemotologist.

My GP asked if I had heard from the medical oncologist and I said no - which I hadn't.  He then said he had spoken with the medical oncologist, but had not heard back from him and I asked what was that letter on his desk (that had been clipped to my file when I first came in) that was clearly embossed with "BC Cancer Agency" and he looked and went, "Oh, this must have just come in, I haven't seen it yet."  The letter had been faxed to him (time stamped 10:01 a.m., and my appointment was at 3:50 p.m.).  I'm surprised I have a tongue I must have been biting it so hard.

AND, he actually took the time - at a follow up appointment no less (normally he won't touch you without you making another appointment and coming back) - to lay his hands on me and examine my stomach area that is painful and have me drink some vile liquid that freezes everything as it goes down and IF you have an ulcer, it is supposed to temporarily freeze it so that you don't have any pain.  Not the case with me, I'm afraid.  At any rate, the ultrasound is looking at the possibility of spenomegaly or other issues with the spleen, but also included the entire abdomen, pelvis, and side/back area on both sides - perhaps it will shed some light on why I feel like crap most of the time, with the the smallest efforts having major negative physical effects.

My husbands doctor has agreed to take me on as a patient, but would like to have an initial consultation with me and review all my test results and blood work, so I'll have to wait to get this latest round and then make an appointment.  I think I've spent enough of my oh so limited energy fighting for myself and my health with this doctor and need a medical professional who's first response is to try and determine the problem, not just have you taking more drugs to deal with the symptoms.

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Here it is one more time really struck a note with me ... love to all VioletXX

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Thanks Violet, I knew I had seen this somewhere!

Rusty k

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Violet - I always say that if I'd worried 24 hours a day every day since I finished my original treatment, it wouldn't have made any difference to where I am now. I'd just have exhausted myself & made myself feel ill with anxiety. Not that it's possible to stop worrying completely, & I don't think you can ever be complacent again after having cancer, but in a way, if you let worry take over your life, you've let the cancer "get" you mentally, even if you are actually ok physically.

Love to you all. Off to Scotland now!

G xxxxx

Little My
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Haha! Thanks Violet,

That sums it up nicely! I have wasted so many worries. I guess I always thing that if you worry and nothing bad happens then you spoilt all that time worrying when you could have been enjoying it. If you worry and something bad happens then it would have been better to spend those days doing something fun. worry doesn't change anything but of course we all do it!

I am worrying about a meeting at work on Tuesday!! I keep telling myself not to and distraction is the best thing really I find so, lets take MiniG's cue and go and do something fun today :)

I am going to a birthday party!

Have the best time in Scotland G

lots of love and hugs all round

LM xxx