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DAY ONE & DAY TWO DOWN ......... 26 MORE TO GO ............

Phoenix Rising
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Hi everyone,

DAY ONE - Wasn't on the laptop last night - had a bit of a head ache from the Chemo - but otherwise, although a long day, I wasn't sick - just a bit tired. Had a nap in the afternoon after the radiation and then we went to bed fairly early.

Had IV chemo and some other drugs and then the radiation session (both of which took a bit longer - they were very busy, plus, to minimize the "poke" I asked for a 24 gauage needle which was hand-pushed - instead that honker 18 gauge they'd used for the CT Scan!) and then had additional tablet Chemo in evening (& other drugs).

DAY TWO - Tablet Chemo a.m. & p.m. and a radiotherapy session - I'm getting about 20 minutes
of actual radiation; however, there's a bit of fussing and setting up, so it ends up being about a 45-60 minute session. Came back to Easter Seal House for lunch & more drugs (need to make sure I'm getting the 3600 mg Potassium or it seems it will return to the toilet and I don't need to add "heart failure" to the list of things I have to deal with right now), and then back to the Clinic for a joint session on "Oncology Nutrition and Patient and Family Counselling Services". There was a lot of information on pain and symptom managagement and some scenario/relaxation stuff ..... close your eyes and try to gauge your current stress level (1-nada, 10-the top) - I closed my eyes and instantly had a million stars (nice dark ones richoting around my brain - okay "9" - after the three scenarios she took us though we were asked to re-gauge - I think by then I was between a 7 and 8. Okay - so still a little stressed. Walking was suggested as a good way to maintain cardiac health during and after the
treatment period, the suggestion being 20-30 minutes a day, so once we got back to the house, we trundled off to explore some shops in the area and pick up a couple of things - were out a lot longer than 30 minutes (although not all of it walking, all of it standing) and I am ready to shower and get into bed ....... even though it's still early.

My appetite seems to be improving a bit - probably due to something in the blister pack or vials. I know I've lost about 10 pounds from when I filled out the paper work for the clinic on November
22, so I imagine I'll start gaining it back now - which, if one is on the smaller side the Nutritionist suggested - even gaining a bit more is good for the treatment and recovery period.

We've decided we really like Easter Seal House - a much more "homey" and a lot less clinical than the Cancer Lodge - and it only took them moments to get to our door this morning when the toasted
bagel set off the smoke alarm (!!) - we are not alone.

We went ahead and cancelled our booking at the Cancer Lodge and have re-booked here. We've
taken the chest of drawers out from between the twin beds and have shoved them together so that we can still cuddle without falling out of bed trying to reach across the three feet of airspace that was created by the dresser. Also, there are lots of shops in the area - and we'll make our 30 minute walk out to pick up dinner and browse a bit - which will give us fresh air, food, and the heart and bit of activity.

Tomorrow - DAY THREE - I have a bit of a sleep in as they have scheduled my radiation session for 2:50 p.m., so George is going to leave me in quiet and work at the downtown office, then come and pick me up for my session and meeting with Dr. Joe (the radiation oncologist).

Bought myself a soft, red hat today at Cancer Clinic - it feels good and is nice and warm.

Hope everything is going well for you all.

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Good to hear from you Robin, glad that treatment has commenced! All the best and exercise is good but gently!!


RustyK xx

Little My
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Hi Robin,

Glad you are getting going on the treatment.... and glad you have a nice place to stay.

Impressed with your walks - keep them up while you can.

Big hug

Little My xxx

Phoenix Rising
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Hi LM,

I'm thinking yesterdays walk may have been a bit too much - very restless night and woke up shaky and no appetite and not feeling well.

Took one of my "rescue" pills (anti-nauseant) and laid back down until 1:30. Have my next radiotherapy at 2:50, so just getting my 3 cups of water into me and a nice cup of tea and then George will drive me over. The rescue pill seemed to do the trick to a degree at any rate - don't feel like I need to walk partly bent over and have managed the shower, dressing, make up bit - and had a cup of soup and 1/2 a bagel. Still don't feel as well as i did on Tuesday and Wednesday, but imagine this is cummulative and as each day goes by I'll feel a bit different. no chemo or radiotherapy on weekends or holiday though so, today and tomorrow then home for two days.

Little My
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haha that's sounds more like it... It is funny talking to you at this time zone as I am in bed struggling to keep my eyes open and about to nod off 11pm and there is you on your way out for RT! The nausea went away after about 5 days I think though I didn't really eat much at all while on treatment. Went off everything. I can eat like a horse again now though and back to watching what i eat!

Keep going and keep ticking off those days and it does go really quick- before you know it, you'll be half way and then only a week to go and then that's it!

Big hugs and hang on in there and ask for anything you need.

I had something called Gelclair for my sore mouth- it was really good and Difflam too.

LM xxx

Little My
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ps the bit about the sore mouth was for miniG... durrrr I'm blaming chemo brain ;)