What if day

I'm 5 weeks post treatment. I have for the last probably 3 weeks had no warning of bm and have to get to the loo in seconds. Yesterday I hadn't been took Laxido ×3 went today but hard stools (sorry to be graphic) and whilst on the loo it hurt in the same place as I have ac and now I'm a bit emotional and having a what if day! It's 5 weeks! I was feeling quite happy until this. Xx

  •    Marie, try not to let it get you down.  Talk to your doc or nurse or consultant for reassurance.  A little paranoia is natural at this stage, but remember that healing doesn’t go in a straight line  xxx  toni

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    As  has said give one of your team a ring if you’re overly concerned just to give you some reassurance but if it’s any comfort 3 years on especially if I have a difficult BM I can still feel my tumour site! As you probably know I had mine surgically removed via a local resection then a reduced course of chemoradiotherapy as belts & braces 8 weeks after the surgery, if I press that area externally it’s still quite tender sometimes feeling almost bruised but I’ve been assured this isn’t unusual. 


  • Hi  I’m having one of those days today. For the last few days the tumour site has been aching and it feels raw and sensitive today. Putting my sensible hat on, I know the skin in that area is very sensitive and I have felt discomfort before in this area but my past examinations were ok. However, there’s still a bit of concern but that’s only natural, will have my next check up in a couple of weeks so I’m waiting until then to be checked. As the others have said if you’re concerned give your nurse a call, hopefully they’ll be able to put your mind at rest. Bev x

  • I'll be seeing the Oncologist in a couple of weeks so I've decided that if it's still there I can't do anything about it and the nurse will just tell me to keep my stools soft Anyway. It's just every few days what ifs cross my mind and then something like that happens and it turns into a WHAT IF I'm sure not the only one. Anyway thank you and I hope that your feeling a little better today xxx Marie 

  • Hi yes things are better thanks, the aching has subsided so it won't be a WHAT IF day today !! Bev x

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    I had a few what if? days and a wobble when my oncologist examined me and said 2.5cms still there. That was about 6 weeks after treatment had finished! It was 7cms! Anyway 4 weeks later I had MRI and CT scan, it had gone. Then a couple of weeks after that examination under GA for surgeons to double check and got all clear. So fully understand the What if feeling, and remember saying to my consultant... have I got this for life? The pain at BM time and the urgency- she assured me no. She was right (of course!) I still have urgencies but not the pain. Have faith.... it’ll be gone and it will get better. X 

  • Now I’m obsessed with the idea of “what ifs” turning into WHAT IFsJoy x toni