blood when going to bathroom

Hi All, I saw my surgeon about 3 weeks ago and had a rectal exam. He uses an anoscope as well as digital exam. My concern is that for the past couple weeks (and maybe before that, I'm not  sure)...I've had blood in the toilet and also on the tissue when I wipe. It's bright fresh. I also notice bits of bloody tissue in the toilet at times. One time last week I saw red streaked in my stool like before diagnosis and treatment. I'm letting my onco know....but I'm worried (of course!) that it's a recurrence. Thoughts? I'm one year post completion of treatment. Thanks so much in advance, Lynn  

  • Hi Lynne (),

    It’s quite alarming when you see the blood isn’t it? Is this happening just when you have a bowel movement (BM)? I’m almost 3 years post treatment & this still happens with me from time to time often kicked off by a difficult BM, it can happen just the once or last for a few days.

    You’re doing the right thing by telling your Dr’s I do this at each appointment & my surgeon & oncologist have both said it’s more than likely fissures, both have explained the fragility of the skin that has received the radiotherapy & said I should only be concerned if the bleeding became heavy. I never suffer bleeding between BM’s & the periods between this happening seem to get further & further apart, I’ve also noticed blood on my stool but on closer inspection (sorry for the mental image lol) it has been on my stool rather than in it if you know what I mean & only the last bit. 

    If this happened after your DRE & anoscope & you’ve been ok before that it’s likely that the examinations probably kicked this episode off. Don’t be afraid to contact your Dr’s if only to stop you worrying & put your mind at rest although what you’re describing sounds very much like what happens with me. 


  • Hi I am 20 months post treatment and have occasional blood on the toilet paper after going to the toilet. It's just not what you want to see is it. At first I was concerned but it keeps happening on occasion and all my DRE's have been ok, my last one was 2 months ago. With me it tends to be limited to one maybe two days. I always mention this at check ups. As you had a check up only 3 weeks ago it would seem unlikely that it is a recurrence but you're definitely doing the right thing to mention this to your Oncologist. Bev 

  • Thank you Nikki. That is very reassuring! It has stopped and I haven't seen any blood the last two days. Yes, it seems we're constantly evaluating our poo to make sure things are on the right track. I'm only now starting to get out and about again after the pandemic. Visited with my sis in CA and going to Yellowstone this summer with her. I have a kind of "hurry up" and do fun things just in case....I'm 65 now. Happily, I'm sort of retired (do online psychotherapy with Talkspace) so I have a bit of freedom. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! This is such a great community to be a part of. Even though I live in the US, I have found this UK group to be the most comprehensive and easy to navigate! My radiologist seemed familiar with Macmillan when I mentioned to him that I get support here. Be well, Lynn 

  • Hello Bev. Thank you for responding! Yes, mine is usually limited to a couple days. You're right, I just had an exam and all was fine. It has stopped now thank goodness! I do mention things like this at checkups. It's hard not to get alarmed whenever anything seems a little "off" after all we've been through. Always vigilant. I am often reassured knowing that anal cancer is actually quite curable and manageable. I try to stay in the moment and practice mindfulness but it's hard sometimes. Thanks so much for responding to me! I really appreciate the feedback! Stay well, Lynn