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Acute myeloid leukaemia

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Remission after induction

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So seems wife is past first base.. Remission after induction. 

Great news but feels a bit like.. Why then do we have to go through the 3 more cycles! Strange feeling. Like wish could just be all over now. 

Anyone else felt this. 

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Hi Rob, this is great news, I was clear (as much as they could see) after 3 treatments for my NHL but my team insisted I do my final 3 cycles x 120hrs of chemo.

Belt and braces comes to mind in trying to put this to bed effectively.

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela


Hi Rob

This is really great news and means that her AML is responding to the chemotherapy. 

Standard treatment with AML is 2 cycles of induction chemo aimed at getting the patient into remission and then two cycles of consolidation chemo which uses different chemo drug to make sure every since leukaemia cell is gone.  Even with remission showing from a biopsy there can be leukaemia cells still in the bone marrow.  I know it seems silly to continue with the treatment but they do this because after years of studies it has shown that this is best course for long term survival.  Also they don't put people through necessary chemo because it is so tough on the body, in fact some patients are unable to have the full 4 cycles because their bodies are not strong enough.

I remember questioning it too but now I know what I do I am glad I did.  I remember them telling me my body was in remission and not feeling very happy because I still had more treatment ahead and many weeks in hospital.

Have they given you and your wife the results of her cytogenetics?

Hope this helps

Best, Anna


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