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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with ALL last year 30th July when 57yrs old. I spent most of the following months in hospital in isolation wards but managed to get into remission. I then had an anonymous stem cell transplant on 28th February this year. Its been a long haul but saw the consultant on Friday and got results of latest bone marrow test which showed no hidden cancer cells. Yay!!!

Just got to stay clear of any infections etc for the next 18 months (easier said than done). I am feeling pretty well considering that it was only weeks ago that my husband thought I was going to pass away (must have looked bad).

I have posted this to let people know that as well as sad stories there are positive ones too. Never give up!!!

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Hi , so good to hear from you and hear your news. 

This will be a great encouragement for all those looking down the SCT tunnel.

We have this very useful thread in the Stem Cell Transplant Forum - Life after a SCT - A Survivor's Guide. As you know, you are now on the post SCT Journey but you are on the up and yes, lets keep clear of any infections.


Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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Hi Shelleyyy

Great new and glad you are doing well!

I also had ALL and was diagnose in September 2012. I am now over 6 years post transplant and like you whilst it was a long haul I am also doing well. It is a tough disease to beat but it certainly can be done.

Keep well and enjoy life!


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H there Shelleyyy

 Thank you for sharing your post, it really does help to hear some positive outcomes 

 All the best for the future. 


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Suffered a CVA (Stroke) in early July 2018 -  leaving mobility and eyesight issues 
July 2019 - on 1st cycle of Blinatumumab,  due to relapse during Maintenance phase .
Bone Marrow Aspirate confirmed back in remission
Sept 2019 - started 2nd cycle of Blinatumumab
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