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Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

A support group for anyone affected by acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) to come together, share experiences, and ask questions.

LAA in the over 60’s

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Hello my mum is in her 60’s and has just been diagnosed with LAA. She went into hospital in January with sever anemia with very low bloods across the board. The gave her two pints of blood but decided that they did not need to do a biopsy. They monitored her with blood tests every week and on the forth week called her back to the hospital. After testing it was confirmed LAA pre curser B Cell type. Her bone marrow Is 90% leukaemia cells which sounds terrible but I don’t no what to compare it to.?  She has had another two pints of blood and steroids and if her echo gram is okay will start intensive therapy this week and they seem to think she might be eligible for transplant later. But I can’t seem to find an article that gives her anymore than a tiny chance of survival I am so scared is there any chance she will recover does anyone here no of anyone in the older group to do well please.

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    Hi Feets

    Welcome to the MacMillan site but sorry you find yourself here.

    You say tthat your Mother has been diagnosed with B cell LLA.. I haven’t heard of LLA.. do you mean ALL (acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia)?

    Reading information online, whilst informative, tends to be based on historical research figures. I.e. people who had the disease 10-15 years ago. Things have moved on in leaps and bounds particularly when it comes to Stem cell transplants.

    There is a group for stem cell transplants which you can post in where you will find many people who have been through the stem cell treatment including some older members.

    i myself have had treatment for ALL and a stem cell transplant almost 6 years ago so the treatment is doable and there is a normal life after it. 

    Mid you could confirm the type of leukaemia your Mother has then we can help to point you to the right area of the site.

    All the best. 


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  • Feets
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    sorry i do mean A L L  will see if i can work out how to edit that and thank you for your response its really helpful