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Missing my children

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Hi all. 

I'm currently half way through the 2nd phase of chemo for ALL Philadelphia positive.

I'm not well this time. Lots of symptoms .... New ones daily. Am crying all the time and am increasingly missing my young boys. They are 5 and 3.

It's becoming heartbreaking . It's also coming up to the one year anniversary of the death of their daddy.

Am I'm still grieving too.

I'm finding the lengthy stays away from home almost unbearable and lonely .

I'm sure with most other cancers you don't need to stay away for weeks on end for chemo?

Also it's so hard.... as since being diagnosed I realise the importance of living every day.... spending it with loved ones.... making memories. But I'm being kept away from my family.... by treatment.. . It's a catch 22.

And of course I remain hopeful but there is no guarantee I will get better/ survive this.... 

I'm scared I will go through all this.... away from my children.... and the treatment won't even work.

If I knew I would survive this....( which of course I will never know) i would feel stronger and more patient.

Sorry for waffling. Very bad day today 

Jalola x

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Hi , just came across your post.

What you are going though is so hard but at the same time an essential element of your journey and lets look for this journey to kick this into touch.

I do get the pain about being away from the boys. I also was in isolation away from my Granddaughter for a total of 5 months during my Stem Cell Transplants but seeing their faces on FaceTime was one of the main things that kept me going throughout the treatment.

Keep on going Jalola as it is all for the good of the family.

Highlander ((hugs))

Mike - Thehighlander

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