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ECG results

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Hi all , i have ALL  leukaemia.... i am on 2nd round of chemo. I had a ecg... as felt odd sensation above heart...  its settled a bit now ...ecg results said..... Poor r wave progression??

doc said all ok.... but I read online that it can be due to heart attack or problems with left or right ventricular ?

How is doc so sure it's ok?

Anyone had similar results? 

Thank you.


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Good afternoon  from a beautiful day up in Inverness. If I had £10 for every time my ECG was all over the place I could take my wife on a great holiday ;)

During my second SCT I had a reaction to my Brothers Stem Cells and my trace was going crazy so had to be rushed down stairs to the ICU as my team were very concerned I was having a heart attack. But I got back to the SCT Unit after a few days had my second batch of Stem Cells then the same thing happened and I was re-admitted to ICU this time with A Fib and a suspected stroke but all was ok and it's just part of the Magical Mystery Tour........ When my team say everything is OK who am I to challange their years of training and experience.......... would you every get into an airplane if you did not trust the pilot, it's just the same thing :)

Please take care and take 'online information' with a big pinch of salt ;)

Highlander ((hugs)) 

Mike - Thehighlander

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