Newly diagnosed

I would appreciate any advice tips etc on how to deal with life as an outpatient.
will leave hospital tomorrow with need to attend 7 days a month for chemo injections
land regular blood test and PICC line dressing.
really asking how to adjust to this new life. Thank you
  • Hi. My husband has been on the same regime, injections Monday to Friday one week and Monday and Tuesday the next. Blood tests 3 times a month, once at the hospital and twice at GP surgery, and blood and platelet transfusions when he needs them. He hasn't got a picc line anymore, it needed to be taken out after an infection. It feels a lot at first, like you haven't got the time or energy for anything else, but gets better over time as you get used to it. Don't plan too much for the weeks you have chemo as you will probably be more tired. Your best week is likely to be the week before the chemo, so try to plan things you need to do for then. They'll probably give you anti sickness tablets when you go for the chemo. Keep one tablet at the end of the course if you can so you can take it before you go in on the first day of the next round. Plan how you are getting to and from the hospital. Parking is usually pretty bad at hospitals, so arrange with friends or family to take you, or maybe taxis. You probably won't be there long for the injections, but if you need transfusions it will take a couple of hours so take in a book or tablet to occupy you. Good luck. Its not a nice thing to have to go through, but you get used to it over time. 

  • M.M thank you so much for such good practical advice, you have answered a

    lot  of my  niggles, and yes I will remember a book!If you don’t mind I will let you know about my first weeks as an outpatient. Best wishes to you both.

    I hope I press the right button to  send!

  • Hi Sakchi. Definitely keep in touch, I'd like to know how you get on. Have you been in hospital having the high dose chemo? You won't find the outpatient chemo anywhere near as bad. My husband had every side effect going from the high dose one, and was in hospital for 6 weeks, but all he's had with the outpatient chemo is more tiredness, and soreness on his stomach where he has the injections but that won't be a problem for you with your picc. Let me know any time if I can help you with anything else. We've been on this "journey" for a year! Good luck , you can do this Slight smile