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Travel insurance

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Post Office travel insurance

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Reposting this here:

Hello all, can I just recommend the Post Office for travel insurance, which I booked after seeing it on the Macmillan main page. They only asked about 5 questions before providing a reasonable quote for travel to Europe (£41 for 8 days), with Hodgkin Lymphoma that I've finished scheduled treatment for but am waiting to have the final scan on.

This compares to 50+ questions from InsureWith, some of which got very technical, and in some cases none of the multiple choice questions reflected my circumstances. At the end of it all I was told to call their customer services, who then said I'd need to wait 5-7 days for their underwriters to call me.

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Hi again

Sorry, I must have given you the wrong link as your repost has appeared on the main page and not in the recommended travel insurance thread. This is the link you need.


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