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Mesothelioma travel insurance

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Hi all, my lovely dad was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in 2017 and luckily for us his tumours remained stable and we were able to make many memories and travel to Singapore and Crete. In March he had a  routine ct and things have began to chance and he now has to have chemo. We had already booked to go to Malta and tried the usual insurer, insurewith, who have been brilliant. However due to the nature of the spread and chemo the cannot onsite him this time.  I have had loads of refusals and horrific quotes of 2-3k. After reading some of your posts I tried MIA, amazing, they asked relevant questions individual to dad and his needs, sent the quote to a medical team and rang me back £433. !!! Perfect to have some peace of mind in an awful situation x

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That's great news and I'm really glad to hear that the posts in this group have helped!

I hope you have a lovely holiday.


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