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Travel insurance 8+ years after cancer

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Hi all.

In many ways this is a blessed position to be in. That is: needing travel insurance 8 years after having a tumour removed. I did go on holiday within a year of my surgery/chemo/radiotherapy and used InsuranceWith (& recommended it to quite a few others, and no I wasn't getting commission!) 

My question now is really, does anyone have any experience with getting insurance so long after initial diagnosis (May 2010) and 3+ years after the date of my 5-year all-clear (Oct 2015)? 

Clearly, I need to disclose that  I've had the diagnosis once and I get the feeling from the questions you fill in getting quotes that each year past 5 years clear aren't considered at all. 

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Hi and welcome to the travel insurance group

I'm glad to hear that it's now 8 years since you had your tumour removed and you've got the all clear.

I don't know if you'll get any replies to your question as this group is a very new one so I'm not sure if anyone who is a member here will have been clear that long.

While you're waiting to see if you get a reply you could try using the search facility to see if there are any previous threads discussing this.

I don't know if you've had a look through the Recommended Travel Insurance thread yet as it's where we try to keep recommendations from other forum members who have obtained travel insurance and it might give you some other insurance companies to try.

Best wishes

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Hi Mark, I am 9 years post treatment and currently trawling for cover now I cannot use euro tunnel, most sites still say you have to disclose if you have had a cancer diagnosis, it used to be within the last 10 years. However on a comparison site when I declared my high grade NHL it came up as cured as I was beyond the 5yr mark. So see how it goes, but I would advise to still declare it. 

As for costs, its varied year by year over the 9 years and the differences can still be large between companies, but I have found the comparison sites produced better quotes and they offer a choice of cover to.

hope this helps


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