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Have you had difficulty getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis? Or have you managed to find a reasonable quote? Join this group to share experiences and talk to people who understand what you’re going through.

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Im talking only about single trips. I cannot get annual multi trip with any insurer. 

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I went on a Caribbean Cruise 6 weeks after Chemo and I have a Lung Tumour with Liver Mets, paid about £300 which covered everything 

It is possible and it’s all about timing, not waiting for results or an appointment or a scan etc.

Routine follow up is essential 

Good luck

 Christine x

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I've used a company called INSURANCE CHOICE for the last four years and the service is brilliant.  They are brokers and will find the best deal. Also if you are over 70 you probably won't find a company that will sell you a world wide annual policy.

INSURANCE CHOICE. 01926 460922

We paid £169 two years ago for the two of us for three weeks in New Zealand and Australia. The medical excess for that trip was £75 each, but as we were existing customers is was halved 

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That’s very usual as an alternative for me. Many thanks. 

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We are off on a cruise in 3 weeks time, so have spent today trying to find a reasonable insurance quote. I was getting silly £900 quotes, this is for one weeks cruise to Spain from Southampton. I then stumbled across onestop4travelinsurance. I’ve got cruise cover for myself (I have endometrial sarcoma metastatic to my lungs) and my partner for £46. Very happy. 


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After reading these posts I tried Boots Travel Insurance. My cheapest Meerkat quote was £165 but Boots quoted £45. Not much fun having to go through my medical history but worth it to save £120. So thank you to everyone who recommended Boots. 

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Woohoo! At last a quote that was reasonable.

I have had Serous Uterine Cancer stage 2. I have undergone hysterectomy, ovaries/fallopian tubes gone, plus 15 lymph nodes. I've undergone 6 sessions of chemotherapy plus 25 external radiotherapy and 2 brachytherapy. A planned holiday to the Caribbean was proving to be a mare in regards to travel insurance.

My perseverance has paid off. I've paid £246.31 for 15 days Gold cover for both myself and my husband through Boots. All my op/treatment/high blood pressure are covered. This was something others wouldn't cover. A far cry from my first quote of £5900.00 and the lowest recent quote I had over the phone was £552.00. 

I know it's a pain filling in all the online questions or answering the same thing over the phone but it really does pay to keep trying.

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I was fully aware of this before I took out my boots insurance. 

I actually feel that because they are under an investigation now that they will feel less likely to avoid claims now because of this.

Like all these things, you only ever hear of the horror stories which unfortunately do happen, you don’t hear about all the satisfied customers.

boots is a reputable company and I personally won’t avoid because of a handful of incidents like this.



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It’s a personal choice. Reading most of these reviews it seems like the low ratings are for people who have claimed and it’s taken a while to get through and maybe a bit longer to get their money.

most people are getting their money and actually I’ve had some experience with insurance companies and it does actually take a while for the whole process.

like I say, it’s a personal choice. For me, boots insurance made it possible for me to go away this year and if I did have to claim I take my chances.

it also depends on detonations you are travelling to. In Europe I’m more than comfortable that I’d be given the right care in any hospitals , maybe if I was going to Bali for example I would reconsider.

so I think it’s depends on where you are travelling and your own personal circumstances.