Recommended Travel Insurance

Hi everyone

As it can be time consuming looking through existing posts for travel insurance recommendations I thought it'd be a good idea to try and keep all recommendations in one place.

With that in mind I thought I'd ask that when you've found an insurance company that provided you with cover at a reasonable cost you posted that recommendation here.

If you could put a little bit of additional information eg. whether you got single trip or annual, cover for a cruise, worldwide, etc along with anything else that you think others would find helpful when they are researching that would be great.

I'll keep 'bumping' this post so that it remains on the first page where new members will easily see it.

All the recommendations come from community members and are not recommendations from Macmillan. Please make sure you do your own research as to whether they are suitable for you.


  • Hi can you recommend a travel insurance please I have lung cancer finished treatment am travelling to Athens in April thank you 

  • Hi

    Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to find travel insurance when you have had cancer but you've come to the right place for recommendations. The thread that you've posted this message on is where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are so just scroll through and make a note of the recommendations.

    It is best to phone the insurance companies rather than try and do online quotes as often at the end of the online quote it will tell you to phone the company and you'll then have to go through all the information again. Also sometimes the broker can refer to the underwriters to see if they would provide cover when an online quote might just give you a straight refusal. 

    Make sure you have all the information to hand about your diagnosis and treatment before contacting the insurers. This is a list of things an insurance provider might want to know when you're applying for insurance. Also some insurers might want to know if you've been given the okay to travel by your doctor.

    I do hope that you can get insurance and that you have a great time away.


  • Hi It's a while since I posted and thank you everyone for your experiences. I need to post this as I know that Eurotunnel have been quite a helpful insurer for people travelling in Europe.  Unfortunately when we had to turn around after 24 hours in France because the ski resort suddenly closed, I found that we weren't covered on our Eurotunnel policy, mainly because there are various types of curtailment (including your travel firm going bankrupt) which are excluded or just not covered. We didn't see this coming as this was an unusual situation we just hadn't anticipated. The accommodation hire was from a small firm who only does flats and isn't liable for things like "no resort" suddenly happening. (I accept that, they are not a holiday provider.)

    Also Eurotunnel have "Any epidemic or pandemic" high on their list of exclusions, and have done for years - we never thought twice about it as we never expected to travel in a pandemic! But we had paid in full and it wasn't in the area we went at the time. What we didn't expect was the "whole French alps" to close within a few hours. (This was before the French general lockdown.)

    As covid19 will probably dominate world travel for at least a couple of years, be warned .

  • For anybody that booked using Free Spirit and have had their holiday cancelled, you can either claim back 50% or put your policy on hold until you need to use it again. I received this information from them:


    At the moment, for any policyholders requesting refunds for single trips outside the 14 day cooling-off period Insurers require us to keep to the Terms and Conditions of the policy which limits the refund to 50% of the original premium. In order for us to complete this, please confirm the below;

    1.You have made no claims on the policy
    2.You have no intention of making any claims on the policy

    However, we wish to help our customers as much as possible, especially during such a testing time. If your travel plans have been cancelled we are happy to freeze your policy until the time comes that you are able to re-book your travel arrangements; at which time we can re-commence your policy. Please note that if the destination, duration or your current medical situation changes, this may affect the premium.  In order for us to process this, please complete the form on the below link;

    We will then email you confirmation in due course. Should you have no confirmed dates, we will input fictitious dates. Once you have a new trip planned , we can amend the dates again for you.