Visiting the USA

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, which had spread into the bone, this time last year.  I've received just two palliative Radiotherapy treatments and am leading a relatively normal life, including pursing hobbies, for a 75 year old.  I have a son who lives in Colorado and am visiting him soon for a two week stay.  The problem was obtaining travel insurance.  A number of companies just didn't want to know, including my bank.  Free Spirit was recommended but they wanted a premium in excess of £11K+, yes £11K!  A call to Macmillan was made and, although they can't make recommendations, they gave me a link to this group which I accessed.  The name of Boots came up for travel insurance so I looked them up. I intended to speak with a representative but a15% discount is given for buying on-line.  I filled in the all the questions and immediately received a quote giving various levels of cover from which to select.  No, please give us a call or a refusal.  Well, of course, I accepted and made the purchase.  The cost for my wife and myself is just under £500.00 (not the cheapest level) which, I think, is quite reasonable under the circumstances.  Thank you to Macmillan for the help and guidance and to those who post on this blog.