Looking after yourself?

Has anyone ever taken that advice? People keep telling me to do that, I keep telling my Dad to do that. I appreciate that it is logically the right thing to do, but seriously? My Mom is dying of this stupid crazy (insert loads of obscenities here) disease called cancer.... My life is on hold, my parents are the centre of all my attention. I eat, I sleep, I cry, I scream, I run around getting stuff to make my parents life more comfy. Right now I'm my Dad's rock.

Is there some secret that no-one is letting me in on? What seriously are you meant to do to look after yourself? 

  • Hi,

    I am in the same situation, mum diagnosed last year and my dad is running himself ragged. I am helping when I can (battling a constant guilt of I should be there all the time)

    I took that advise to try and reevaluate that I needed to take time for me still. For me it was simply trying to get more sleep, going to a gym class to burn out some steam and get my endorphins running. Making sure I wasn't comfort eating as I had been.

    What is your support network (other than parents)?

    There aren't secrets- you will be the most support to your folks if you are in the best mental shape you can be.



  • For me it was take the advice or go nuts and that would have not helped anyone. Then my darling wonderful beautiful wife was more worried about me and our son than about herself.

    Does sound like you have some schemes in place already and that is such a positive, comfort eating I can relate too soooo much.

    Perhaps the simplest thing would be to ring the helpline 0808 808 0000 (Mon-Fri 9am 8pm) it's a free call and they will so understand, but if you find it easier to go face to face look for some support locally possibly using the in your area tool. What most worked for me was when I walked into the Maggies at our local hospital.



  • Thanks Steve,

    Talking I think would do me help- as I am sure most people. I think I will look into what there is locally as you have suggested. this forum is a great help already.