‘Lifting’ of shielding advice

Hi all,

I just wanted to say that I suspect the lifting of shielding has been done too fast and without due regard for safety. I read a very concerned article yesterday in the Grauniad (posted a link on here in another thread, ‘checking up on everyone’ ) 

I’ve since read that the charity Bloodwise are also very concerned and are contacting parliament about the hasty, unprepared nature of this strategy. Cynical me suspects the weekly food parcels are getting too expensive for them to maintain?!

in the meantime I would urge everyone in this group to remain extra cautious and seek advice from your team if you’re unsure! Our lass certainly isn’t going to put herself at risk, her housemate doesn’t have to go into an office for at least 3 months, and as daughter said last night, when they’ve been so careful for so long, it would be so silly if they got it now!

We (both in the over 70 vulnerable group) are certainly not going to take any risks as the foolish folk zooming to coasts have been doing!

Hugs xxx

  • Yes , totally agree.

    For ‘whatever’ reason it looks like someone found a great big brush and painted everyone with it. There most likely are groups of people who could well be off the list but definitely not all.

    I am happy that Scotland looks like it’s taking a more considered approach and at this point in time no change in the shielding guidance.

    Word is that it may well be done by geographic area but more likely those less at risk coming off the list first and working from there.

    I still have 18 days left on my official 12 weeks (day 79 on my unofficial) so regardless what is said we have aggressive that we will hang back for a little longer, but I have an outside project going on so that will take me well over my 12 weeks.

    Seeing pictures today on FB of Loch Ness with crowds of teens having parties on the beaches. COVID is not going away for some time so maybe the more ‘fit’ people have it and build up immunity the better Thinking

  • Sadly, Mike, nobody is quite sure whether it gives any immunity yet. 

    I certainly agree about the Covidiots and attractive areas of countryside though, Durdle Door in Dorset was horrendously crowded, and people had to be herded together after the idiots jumping off the door needed rescuing, so if there were silent carriers among them then the second wave won’t be long in coming!

    son in law saw lots of cars at a small Bedfordshire beauty spot with a tiny car park with height barriers; instead cars were parked for yards along the side of a country lane. Social distancing? actually impossible with that number of visitors! S-i-L was off to a nursery for plants when he saw that, so disturbed by it he took a pic! 

    what with covidiots massing together, the litter they are leaving has to be seen to be believed, too! 

    Hugs xxx

  • Air Sea Rescue have also been very busy up North over the weekend. Yes, we building up antibodies is still not proven yet but we live in hope.

    The weather with us has changed today so Its raining with us now so this should reduce the crowds...... our First Minister has already said that she will reimpose the restrictions if this don’t improve....... but who in their right mind wants to sit in a car in 25 degrees in a cue 2 hours just to put some rubbish bags into the recycling centre Face palm tone1

  • Hmmm, praying for rain is perhaps all we can do, and often June is chilly, wet and miserable......(gardeners hope!) 

    We have to book the recycling centre, only allowed to go in on own! But yes, I get your joke. Sadly who DIDN'T teach their kids to take their rubbish home? Almost everyone, it seems! 

    Hugs xxx

  • Hi both, 

    Personally I think it is all about choice. I didn’t like the shielding guidance as it was written as I felt it was too draconian and I am not sure that many people strictly adhered to it anyway. I don’t think the relaxation over the weekend is so dramatic, it just allows people to go out for a walk or meet someone if they live alone, which has got to help with loneliness. I still think it is a slow and steady approach ahead for shielders, I doubt very many are going to be reckless given where we are at the moment. The walk I did last night was so good for my mental health, so overall I do think it was the right thing to do for shielders to give us a tiny bit more normality. But please everyone stay safe, there is a reason why we were assessed as being clinically extremely vulnerable and the virus still very much exists.

    All the best


  • Interesting article by Blood Cancer UK today about the way forward.

  • Hi Mike,

    I found this to be a really interesting article, thanks so much for posting it up on here. My two key take-aways were:

    1. No-one really knows how blood cancer patients respond to the virus

    2. It is really difficult to find out.

    I am sure going forward that we will move away from blanket guidance to more tailored guidance specific to an individual’s particular circumstances. The key messages I am taking away for now though are be careful and stay safe!

    All the best


  • Yes Greg, assessing risk factors going forward will be part of life for a while to come I think.

  • Hi everyone from West Wales. On our daily coronovirus daily bulletin the chief medical officer basically said shielding in Wales will continue till middle of August. We are now allowed to exercise and visit a friend or relative as long as they are local .He is sending out letters by June 15th.

  • I don’t won’t to hit the like button as it all depends on how you view this....... as I wait to see the route map for Scotland.


  • Hi Mike.
    i am quite happy with this update  Glad we are allowed out for exercise and the odd local visit. I was hoping to go back to work at some point in the near future but had been a little anxious about it as I work in the microbiology labs. This news has reassured me it wont be for a while longer and by then infection rates should hopefully be very low 


  • I had my latest letter this morning, shielding continues in Wales  until August 16th but I am allowed out for exercise.

    Hope your all keeping well 


  • Hi Mark, I got my letter yesterday confirming that the full Shielding guidelines remain in place in Scotland and has been extended to the end of July but will be reviewed over his tine.

    Hopefully next Thursday (18th) the folks in this group will be given the option to go for walks but this all depends on the R number continuing to come down.

    Stay safe.

  • Hi everyone,

    Breaking news tonight (a number of newspapers are reporting it), that the government is going to end shielding for all by the end of July. I’ve no idea if this is going to apply to the whole UK or just England but I wanted to post it here. 

    It seems to me that everything is moving in the right direction - how we have not seen a spike after the last few weeks I have no idea - but we haven’t had one, so I’m taking this as good news that we’re winning the battle. Of course, still a long way to go, and a need to remain careful, but I’m seeing this as good news so just wanted to share. 

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  • This will be good news Greg.

    As you know Health is devolved up in Scotland and a few weeks back Shielding was extended until at least the end of July.

    I was on a Zoom call with our local Maggie’s Heamatology Support Group yesterday. Our Hospital Macmillan Heamatology Specialists Nurse Consultant was on the call with us.

    She was saying that a Scottish team of medical experts including Haematologists are now working on a clinical band A to D classification for how shielding will be lifted Group by Group and on the whole one size will not fit all.

    I am ok with this as it’s a clinical approach based on all medical factors not just cancer related. But we may all be officially allowed out for walk on Thursday. 

  • Daughter is happy to get out for an occasional walk, she is still incredibly careful and avoids people. But where she lives there are still some areas which are quiet so she just jumps in her campervan and heads for them to get her walk!

    i suspect she will feel uneasy for some time to come, as will we, for her. Your solution about categories and how to enable them to stay safe, Mike, sounds a good sensible one, wish England had that in place (they might but aren’t telling us?!) 

    Good to see that Dexamethosone is being found helpful, and that it will be used widely. I hope it won’t be needed for any of you in this group, though! 

    I too can’t believe we haven’t seen a big spike in numbers due to the covidiots on beaches/beauty spots all crowded together! 

    Hugs xxx

  • Our Heamatology Specialists Nurse Consultant also said that the intention is that each group and where required, each patient will get post lockdown/Shielding advice and guidance for going forward.

    But yes, avoiding the Covidiots will be high up on the guidance I think.

    Unfortunately Covid is not going anywhere soon so it will be carful little steps for the time being...... just like all the other viruses that can be a problem for post SCTits.

  • Spoke to daughter yesterday about this, what she is also concerned about (as are we too) is whether her priority supermarket delivery slot will then get dropped. As well as starting to get back to mixing with people too of course, which as it seems may well still be a long time away as studios/theatres etc will be slow to reopen. Though she says Abbey Road studio are beginning ‘distance’ rehearsals, but the studio is so big they can do it! There are thoughts that wind and brass musicians may well need longer than, say, strings. Choirs will certainly not be meeting for some considerable time. 

    Hugs xxx