Stem cell transplants for blood cancers

A group for people to discuss stem cell transplants for blood cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma. This can include transplants using a person’s own stem cells or stem cells from someone else (a donor).

I have a date, but unfortunately not that kind!

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I am so tempted to do my thing for the Scottish Tourist Board with pictures ;) but one thing my wife and I have come to realise is that when we lift up our heads and actually look around us what an amazing island we live on.

I have had a blanket ban on flying and leaving the UK for over 4 years  (now lifted) so we have went places around the UK that are rather amazing and a long talked about trip down the length of the Outer Hebrides is being planned as my wife Fiona's family line has been traced back to the Isle of Barra at the bottom of the Outer Hebrides. So we are going to see the island where her forefathers lived and were cleared from and put on ships and taken to Nova Scotia when sheep were seen as being more important then people back in 1846........ but I am taking her away to Madeira the end of June as she has had a long 4 years and needs to put her feet up away from the office in the house.

Moomy you highlight a very important step in the post treatment journey in how the lens we look through has been refocused and the things we do and say are done with more thought and measured responses. I am always walking slower, eating slower and taking time over stuff and when I was in teaching I lived on 3-4 hours sleep....... now I can have 7 - 8 hours. This journey is not one I would recommend as a way of getting a prospective on life but it can be a byproduct :)

....... ok I can not resist, this is going to be our view tomorrow when we do out for dinner ;)

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Whooooop whoop Tessa at 100 percent xxxx

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Hi Guys,

Moomy, you are close. We live in Exmouth which is behind from where the photo was taken. Straight ahead in the far distance is Sidmouth and Seaton is a little further on. The walks along the coastal path are beautiful if not a little hilly following all my chemo but we still enjoy them. Exmouth is the starting point for the Jurassic Coast which has wonderfully coloured cliffs all along like the one shown.

I think I was probably a little like your daughter and would quite happily argue white was black but now I can’t be bothered, I just let things go. 

Mike, that looks like a lovely spot for dinner. There is something about eating whilst looking out across the water especially when the sun is setting, beautiful. Hope you have a lovely dinner.


Mark x