'From now on..."

Someone over on the AML Forum posted this clip of an early sing through of a song from The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman had just undergone Cancer Surgery and been told not to sing, merely to act his part silently.  He'd done so until this song, when he thinks, feck it, and let's rip, it's total magic, and the lyrics say it all, for life for us all is............"From Now on"


I saw the sun begin to dim

And felt that winter wind

Blow cold

A man learns who is there for him

When the glitter fades and the walls won't hold

'Cause from then, rubble

One remains

Can only be what's true

If all was lost

Is more I gain

'Cause it led me back

To you

From now on

These eyes will not be blinded by the lights

From now on

What's waited till tomorrow starts tonight


Let this promise in me start

Like an anthem in my heart

From now on

From now on

I drank champagne with kings and queens

The politicians praised my name

But those are someone else's dreams

The pitfalls of the man I became

For years and years

I chased their cheers

The crazy speed of always needing more

But when I stop

And see you here

I remember who all this was for

And from now on

These eyes…..