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Just had my first pelvic radiotherapy session

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Thanks Mrs Woodentop for posting. My Mum will be starting pelvic radiotherapy in about a month's time we believe so it is really helpful to read of your experience. All the best with your treatment.

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Hi I read your post I have vaginal cancer and have told I need radiotherapy and chemo. How are you feeling now ?

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Hi I have vaginal cancer and treatment is going to be radiotherapy for five weeks and chemotherapy alongside I have no cervix or uterus either so similar to you really. I just wondered how you coped with side effects from chemo thankse

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Hi Duxbury,

The radiotherapy was pretty free of consequences for the first 2 weeks, after which the main effect was tiredness.  I had some digestive system discomfort,  pain from that a couple of days only, and actually only when radiotherapy and chemo overlapped. 

I have some contact vaginal slight bleeding, very slight discharge,  which my oncologist says will be due to vaginal wall scarring from the external radiotherapy.  It doesn't cause any problem. 

I'd say I was pretty much over the effects of the radiotherapy 4 weeks after it finished.  Chemo , I am in my last cycle of 6 currently. I have found I get about 4 days of being laid low by it in each cycle.  So it's all very do able.

Best of luck with yours.


Mrs Woodentop.