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Whole Head Radiotherapy - advice appreciated

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Evening everyone

This is a new board for me as I'm normally over on the Lung Cancer board due to my mother, however, I'm seeking some advice here, if possible. A very lovely friend has been living with Stage 4 breast cancer which had spread to her bones. However, after 2.5 years of a combination of chemo and a holistic approach, had managed to actually get it into remission. However, rather shockingly (as she's been so well and with absolutely no symptoms) the breast cancer seems to have metastasised in her brain with 6-7 small tumours just found there (also reoccured in her bones).

She's due to start whole-head radiotherapy next week as the first line of treatment, with gamma knife suggested as the second line. I just wondered if anyone had had any experience of breast cancer mets in the brain and if so what kind of treatment they may have been given? Or if anyone had had any experience of either of these forms of treatment?

Thanks very much in advance.