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Share experiences and advice on practical issues when living with cancer, such as money, work, benefits, transport, food and drink, organising support at home, or getting specialist equipment.

Living Alone with Cancer

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Not given me a new operation date yet but hospital has rang me and sent a letter with an appointment to see a different surgeon on the 31st of march , hope he is not going to tell me about the surgery but give me an actual day .

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Hello Chucksjap,

Glad to hear things are moving forward again. Hope the new surgery date is not too far away.

Best wishes, Nicholas

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I live alone and would be interested in a group.

Trying to arrange lifts to appointments can be an issue. I had an appointment with my consultant, 3 weeks after a major operation. At that appointment I was informed that another had been arranged for the following day. When I told him that I'd have to see if I could get a lift he mentioned that the train had a stop right outside the hospital! I gently reminded him that had I not recently had major surgery (which he performed) I would gladly use public transport. Giving people short notice or rearranging appointments at last minute have knock on effects, more so when living alone and relying on friends who have to rearrange their schedule.......


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I would welcome this new group starting as i feel most members would have something to offer as in how to manage living alone and coping  loolou23x


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Hi. As a single parent of two teenagers I would more than welcome such a group as this. As others have said the level of organisation required when you don't have any form of live in support is significant, but I also agree that it shouldn't be an area for those worrying about patients on their own, it should be for patients only.


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Thanks - this is a great idea..I have only just got out of a hospital series stay that began with a November brain tumour diagnosis, biopsy, infection, external drain and ended with a shunt and a discharge in the New Year. Living alone has its challenges and anxieties, and sometimes I fear that I have no idea how vulnerable I really could be!

I definitely think this should be a defined/separate group or thread.

Issues I face are transport, getting to the shops, dealing with tradespeople, housing issues, how much help to ask for,  feeling I may be more in the dark as less connected...

I worry about lack of capacity in the future - being cared for by strangers - having no control...being vulnerable. The usual! 

Finding reliable or affordable care when friends, families or neighbours, however great, can't fill those gaps, at least for much of the time.

Thanks again.

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If I can help at all as I have been on my own and coping with initial diagnosis and treatment for esophageal cancer for nearly 3 years .

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Hi I know this is a really old post just wondered if anything was set up for people living alone

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I am also one such Person, today I went to a Macmillan drop, this was very friendly, very helpful, I would Recommend this very strongly indeed if you are able to get to one, or have one in your town.

I will certainly be going again to my  Drop  In.

I know being alone is very hard and  I also know it's not good to ponder on all the bad stuff that may be happening in your life at the moment, We had coffee or tea,& cake was Provided and managed to have one or to Laughs.

I also came across an APP that is free from Macmillan, to help you plan, your contacts and so on.

Direction is relative, where ever you go, there you are.
Cutie Mr
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I have secondary breast cancer and live alone. I'm lucky I do have friends who are local but compared with 7 yrs ago when my family were local I am finding this time around a lonely place sometimes. It is so much harder going through treatment and looking after yourself with all the side effects to endure as well.

I also find financial side a struggle too as Im having to  reapply  for PIP for second time around. I do not receive any financial help at moment so savings dwindling fast!

I am unfortunately not due my state pension til next year although am 65 in August 2019! Had to take early retirement from my job of 16yrs that was very physical.