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The best wigs

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could anyone please advise on wigs, and where to get them? My grandma has one that she is uncomfortable with and I know it would make the world of diff to her if she had a fab one she was comfrtable with- she is in yorkshire near leeds and ideally would like someone to come to her house- does anyone know if this is possible?

many thanks
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Hope this helps.

Mum recently lost her hair whilst having Chemotherapy, and we made a bit of a discovery with regards to wigs.

Mum first looked at wigs before her treatment began. We went to a specialist wig shop at out nearest shopping centre which had a huge range on display. There seemed to be two main types, real hair and artificial.

Mum preferred the real hair wigs and we were told that the price was around £500, but if she signed a form she would receive a discount of the VAT, so the price would be £412.50.

This was a lot of money to spend, and Mum wasn't sure that she would lose her hair, so we decided to take the details of the style and make of the wig, and return if the worst happened.

When Mum began her treatment, she lost her hair within 2 days and was very sick. We were unable to get to the shopping centre, and Mum had an appointment for the Hospital that day. She did not want to go out, and felt very self conscious.

I decided that there was enough time to pop to the local shops, before Mum's appointment, but the only place suitable was a shop that supplied hair pieces and products for Afro Caribbean women.

Imagine our shock when we discovered, that they stock the same real hair wigs, priced between £30 - £40.

The wig was exactly the same make and style and they also had a huge range. Blond to brunette, short to long.

We have also discovered that this isn't a one off, as we have recommended this route to others around England, and they have made the same discovery.

Mum was also told by the hospital that they offered a wig service. There are a few styles, that are not real hair, that are free of charge and then a range of real hair wigs price between £55 and £125.

I hope this gives people interested in purchasing wigs, a few more options.

Good luck

Melanie X
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Thank you for that thats a great help xxx
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Hi my mum got her first wig from the hospital and looked great, she got the next from somewhere in hull this too looked fab but was quite expensive. Mum is not a vain person but was very concious of how she looked with her wig but felt fantastic when she was stopped in the street and asked where she had her hair done.
lesley x
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Take a look at

its not just for breast cancer patients, but for anyone who has lost hair as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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If you wear a wig daily, you will need one of those monofilament types which allow the scalp to breathe. They are extremely comfortable - I have two short ones by Revlon and two bobbed ones by Rene of Paris. Theses are very good, reliable quality brands. Although expensive (c.£150-90) you can get lightly used bargains on Ebay, sometimes as low as £25 if you're lucky.

Re wig care, they need to be washed and conditioned regularly (I use spray-in conditioner daily) and you really cannot tell that I am wearing a wig. Honest!!
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Hi Everyone,

Don't be put off by the cost of wigs in the shops I mentioned. My Mum was going to pay £220 for her wig at a shop in lakeside, oh they did offer her 10% off because she had cancer !!!!.

The thing is, the £40 wig that she bought was exactly the same make and model number and real hair too.

My Mum's palliative care nurse has been sending everyone there as some of the NHS ones have a charge of £50 and they are not real hair.

Oh and a little tip, you do really need a stand, even the polystyrene one will do, because they need to keep their shape.

Best wishes

Melanie X
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Hi, dont really know what I am doing or who this e-mail is going to as I am new to all this, I live in Spain and am going through chemo at the moment, there is absolutely no help or support for cancer patients here, I am so discutted by there lack of compassion or support, anyway excuse my spelling, I am coming back to England in the new year to hopefully buy a wig, however I am having to rely on my sisiter to buy it for me and need a cheap option other than the shop in lakeside, you mentioned the other place that sells wigs for a lot less but exactly the same, could you please tell me where this shop is so I can save my sisiter a few pound or a lot in this case. Thank you so much.

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Hi Tina, I am not sure now how this worked but my wife was supplied with a wig free of charge by the friends of Christie Hospital in Manchester. Maybe you could contact them and see what your options are. Hope this helps.

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