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cancer,coronavirus and school

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i have a question in relation to covid 19 and cancer.although shielding is to be paused and my husband is not currently recieving treatment.

would you be sending your child back to school in September,(ultimately our choice but looking for opinions)

i am very reluctant to send my child back to school as im worried about the increased risk to my husband

even if shielding paused would my husband be at greater risk still if my child goes back to school or no more than the common cold.


oct 2019 metastatic brain tumour,stage 4 adenocarcinoma lung cancer

dec 2019 removed brain tumour,recieved sterotastic radiotherapy 

Jan 2020 biopsy on lung

Jan 2020 blood clots,decided roo risky to operate on lung

march-april recieving chemo and radiotherapy on lung.

april 2020 hospitalised for 2 weeks with neutropenic sepsis

june 2020 mri shows recurrence of brain tumour

next week recieve results of ct scan on lungs

we will of course be guided by the consultant but was looking for opinions and views please

Thank you

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Hello MrsGB.

Can I ask are you in England, and what age is your child?

I am in Scotland and my 6 year old is due back to school in August. I am in the shielding group having gone into remission from Leukaemia in March 2020.

At the moment I have not decided yet- I hope there will be more information regarding school/ children living with shielding parent/ sibling at the end of July. It is all very unsettling, but information keeps changing and it will just have to depend on the risk closer to the time.