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Holiday insurance

Shellbell 1
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Hi can anyone advise me on where to get holiday insurance for my parents that won’t cost more than the holiday itself ? 

My mum has low grade lymphoma and my dad has copd & prostate cancer grade 5 

it is really frustrating how people with cancer are made to pay around £3000 + just to go on holiday I get it’s just in case urgent medical care is needed but this also stops people being able to live life as best they can with what time they have left 

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Hi, thank you posting your question on travel insurance for your parents who unfortunately as they have found out can be expensive especially as in their case they have a double whammy to contend with.

I think you would be advised to join our Travel insurance group and read some of the posts made by the members and find the recommendations of the insurance companies that have provided cover at a reasonable premium.

Clicking on the link I've created will take you to the group where, again, select 'join this group' where you'll be able to read the comments by scrolling thro' the previous posts in Recommended Travel Insurance

It a good idea to make telephone calls rather than rely on price comparison sites

I hope your parents find insurance and enjoy a well deserved holiday break.


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Unfortunately, as you have found, it can be more difficult to find travel insurance when you have a cancer diagnosis.

Could I suggest that you join us over in the travel insurance group where you'll find recommendations from other forum members who have found reasonably priced travel insurance. To join just click on the link I've created and then choose 'join this group' on the page that opens.

Once you've joined look for the thread called 'Recommended Travel Insurance' (it's usually on the first page that opens) as it's where most of the recommendations can be found in one place.

It is best to phone the travel companies rather than try and do online quotes. Make sure you have all the information to hand about your parent's diagnosis and treatment before contacting the insurers. This is a list of common questions that insurers might ask when you're applying for insurance.

Some insurers will ask for a letter from the doctor to prove that they have given permission to travel. In any case, it's always best to make sure that you have checked with the doctor that it's okay to travel and that this has been recorded in your notes in case of a claim.

I do hope that you can get reasonably priced travel insurance for your parents and that they have a great trip.


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Hi Shellbell

Dont if you have managed to sort your travel insurance yet ? 

 We have recently used insurancewith . We had to ring them for quote as online need more information.  The first lot is insurance came up at a competitive price but we have just taken out a second lot and the reduction in price was remarkable as we are returning customer and didn't need to claim last time we was away . They could be worth a call .