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Legal issues

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My mum, a widow, aged 76, has been diagnosed with stage 2b lung cancer. No treatment is possible due to COPD and other health issues. I am trying to help her get her affairs in order as we don't know how long she has. I've been able to find information on an LPA but we have a problem with her house as we don't know where the deeds are. Is this something we need to see a solicitor about? How much do things like that cost? 

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Hi Missjones76 welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear about what is happening for you and your mum.

You need to see the solicitor to put the lasting Power of Attorney in place and at the same time the house deeds may be lodged with them or they can find out where they are for you.

I don't know about the costs of doing this as it does seem to vary across the country but I do know that Macmillan have a welfare team and I'm wondering if you might like to give then a call on 08088080000 and see if they can help you with any of this. They are open everyday until 8pm .

Hope you manage to get this all sorted out for you all.

Sending very best wishes for now. x

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If you visit the land registry site you will find advice in some of the downloadable booklets, if she has been in the house pre 1988 ish then it may well not be registered with land registry as it was 1988 when it became statutory to do so that year I believe and if you don't have the deeds and its not registered the is a procedure to follow. As for cost to register it it depends on the value of the house.

I registered my fathers house this year with the deeds and if you are comfortable filling in forms then have a go and follow their guides, it saves money and took about 3 months as the was a backlog. You can also ring for advice but they cannot give legal advice. If I remember the fee was about £180 but as I say it depends on the value of the house.

If it has been registered then the deeds are held by land registry and you can do a search to check if they have them if your mother does not know, most houses these days are covered by the electronic deeds.

hope this helps


we all know this is a roller coaster ride, where we ride blind, never knowing where the highs and lows are
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. We don't currently have a solicitor and mum doesnt know who handled the purchase of the house as my dad handled it and never told her. I think I will call the helpline as you suggested and then make an appointment with a solicitor. I tried the land registry but no help.

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I tried land registry but as the purchase was 1974ish, it doesnt appear. I have that booklet you mention and will go through it. Thanks for taking the time to reply 

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Hi MissJones76

I did POA for both health and finance for my late Mum three years before she passed. I accessed the advice line for POA who were really helpful. I can’t give legal advice but I decided to put it in place whilst she did have mental capacity. You need to register the finance ones with her bank and any building societies. If your Mums affairs are fairly simple, you may be able to bypass the solicitor as I did (thus avoiding unnecessary cost). Also,I have a brother, so we did it ‘jointly and severely’ so that either of us could take decisions. That was becacause my brother goes abroad periodically, so we wanted to be able to act individually. If you do it ‘jointly’ I was literally told that you must be in the room together to make any decisions. Also, if one of us had died, things could have got tricky. Don’t delay, best to get it done sooner but keep it simple. Much love. sparkle. X