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Liver cysts

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I had an Ultrasound on my liver twice since 2014, the recent one being 2years ago. My breast cancer diagnosis was in October 2012 & my last mammogram was last year and clear. I’ve had discomfort, pain, nausea & general feeling of blah on & off but recently it’s been ongoing for a few months. The scan showed several liver cysts which I read online can give these symptoms and I’m worried about it. I’m seeing my gp in just over a week for advice on spinal tumours which need checking so of course I’m thinking about all the things that could happen! That and the horrible bone pain I’m having in my shoulders & collarbone. I’m hoping he might arrange a CT scan for my lumbar spine & liver area and perhaps an X-ray for my upper body including my shoulders. Any advice would be great. Michele x

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Sorry to hear you're having various problems and I hope your GP can get things sorted. 

I can't offer any advice about your medical condition but thought you might benefit from joining the secondary breast cancer group and posting there as I believe, from looking through your previous posts, that your original cancer was breast cancer.

If I'm right and you want to join that group just click on the link I've created and then choose 'Join This Group' on the page that opens. You could then copy and paste your post from here into a new discussion after clicking on 'Start A Discussion'. 

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