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Help with hospital stays

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I want to do some fundraising to donate whatever I can to patients at the uclh who are stuck in hospital feeling low, lonely and bored.

I know my sister sometimes felt slightly better with a TV available, and I wanted advice from the people who have been through it, as to any home comforts you can think of. No matter the price, depending on how much I can raise, I just want to do anything can to help even a bit. 

My love to everyone going through this right now, you are all amazing and I am in awe always.

Eagerly await your suggestions! 

Jen xxx

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It is a very kind thing you are doing. I have just been in hospital and every time I have to go I am shocked at how bad things are. Even basic things like sheets, pillows and blankets are so hard to get. The sheets on my bed were so thin they were see through. I had to wait 2 days to get a second blanket and I donated my pillow to another person. 

The TVs and telephones are very expensive to use in hospital. Many people have kindles and phones they bring in but often forget charges. 

In schools we have some tablets in a portable storage unit where they can be stored and charged. Perhaps this would be useful to patients but of course if it causes more work for staff then it would be a problem. However I wonder if they existed if volunteers could take on the maintenance of them. 

Just an idea. 

Maz 59 

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Hi maz59

I'm so sorry to hear you've had a bad time in hospital, what hospital are you in? 

I think your idea is brilliant, it's exactly the sort of thing I'd like to do, I'm in the process of finding out if it is possible without creating extra work for people, so thank you for your advice.

Wishing you all the luck and love


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I was in hospital for 2weeks  the main thing  they did not have  was pillows you got 1  asked for more the nurse's  just laughed  no tv as company had gone bust but still taking your card  very hard  to say what's needed I found  that I was too  ill and wanted sleep so  did not want anything   or was feeling more normal and just wanted home  my hubby was no able to come everyday day also a lot of ladies were their along  so just having  people to come and chat would be great  their was no trolley rounds  to get paper drink bits to eat or  something sweet  which at times it was  something you  would like