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My ESA has been stopped

Doug E
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              The DWP informed me by post on 9th June they were stopping my ESA from the 7th June (do it was nice of them to give me minus two days notice).
The list of reasons that they gave me (after my visit for an assessment) are rubbish and ignore all of my symptoms saying I am fit for work. How they think they know more than my oncologists and GPs I do not know.
Most of my problems are related to my taking Tamoxifen from 2012 until I had to stop taking it a year ago due to the side effects I was getting  . It did not take into account my memory problems, depression , the fact that I have to go to sleep for at least 2 hours around 11am and more often than not am in bed by 8pm at the latest
              All the health professionals that have treated me say that they are 99% sure that my problems are caused by Tamoxifen , yet the DWP 'expert' dismisses this saying that the ongoing side effects are unlikely . She is obviously in the wrong job if she knows more than the cancer experts!!!
They are so full of tricks.  The decision  letter says that I managed to get to the interview with them even though they said that unless I turn up one way or another then I would be stopped payment , so I could not win . I had already had to cancel on interview as it was too early for me (in rush hour) and that I could not stand for too long.
              Since I have been informed , I have reapplied for ESA . Yesterday I received a letter dated from ten days before, to tell me that this was unsuccessful , ignoring the fact that the DWP official who originally wrote my new claim down, neglected to complete the form correctly . They should have waited for the new form to be completed.

I have also appealed against the decision to stop my ESA but this is taking sometime .
              I have told them that I am not fit enough to go on JSA . I am worried about what kind of job they are expecting me to do. I can't think of anything .
It seems that my wife will now have to apply for JSA , but she looks after me day to day due to my memory problems etc . She asked if she could be classed as my carer  but the DWP said that could only happen if I was on ESA . Its a catch 22!!
              We have still to receive any money and we are worried how we are going to pay for food in the next week or so if my wife has not been processed by the DWP by then

One other thing I have today applied for is something called Personal Independence Payment
              but even if successful, it seems that it may take a few weeks to come and I am not sure if I am entitled or how much it would be.

              There are so many people I know that have had their ESA stopped for people who are genuinely not fit for work. It is so heartless and personally it is making my depression worse . As it is, I have to get my wife to speak to the DWP on the phone as I am not confident of saying the right thing or remembering what they say.
             I was wondering if anyone had any more advice on what else I can do

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I wonder if you should give the Macmillan team a call (or ask your wife to) on 0800 808 00 00.  Ask them to read your post and see if they can offer advice as to where you go next.

Kindest wishes,

Lesley x

Call Macmillan Support on 0808 808 0000 - 365 days a year 8am to 8pm  if you need to speak to someone. It's free from mobiles and landlines.

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What is a Community Champion?

Doug E
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Thank you