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Benefits visit from DWP?

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Anyone been through this in claiming benefits? 

We have requested a DS1500 form from mum's clinicians and they have filled that in and sent it to the Macmillan's benefit people.

They have notified the DWP who are coming out tomorrow. What should we expect? Mum, although incurable with the usual poor prognosis for a glioblastoma, is in pretty good health just now and is out walking the dog daily etc. Will they turn her down? Will they want to discuss prognosis in detail? She has been reluctant to discuss prognosis with anyone on the basis that it's kinda irrelevant, she'd rather not know.

Thank you x

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Hello , I am sorry you did not get a reply in time for your visit by DWP, I hope things went well for you. I had a DS1500 and PIP forms done my a Macmillan welfare officer over 2 years ago, I did not receive a visit, and the requirement for having needed help for a period of 3 months previously is not required with that DS1500 form. If you do have any issues/ questions the Macmillan support line will Im sure help with information 0808 808 0000 open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm. 

When I unexpectedly received new treatment which against all the odds brought a clear status, the DWP were very courteous and caring 

best wishes

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Thank you. Congratulations on being clear, that's fantastic!

In the end, they were out just to help us fill in the form so it was reasonably hassle free  Of course we'd all have had less stress if their letter had mentioned that!

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i contacted money matters and they assisted me in completing the form to claim pip... I have grade 3 breast cancer, went through chemo and radiotherapy and now on hormone tablets.  I was refused pip, I appealed the decision and was refused again.  I am now taking them to a tribunal.

when the health care person came out I was very breathless and was struggling to walk and according to the department I was not breathless, dizzy and walked with a straight gait....  I am trying to get a hold of her report. If indeed that is her decison I will be making an official complaint against her....

i am now on golf pay and struggling to get any help....  I have worked for 39 years in the same department....


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You should have a look online at a site called benefits and work. Their guides are brilliant. 


Alison xxx 

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Thanks Alison, I'll have a wee look

frances xx