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ill health retirement

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Hi I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  I am 55 and have 2 relatively young children.  I belong to the local government pension scheme and we are being restructured - again.  Expression of interests have been asked for those who wish to elect for early retirement and redundancy.  The pension is not great only about £14k per annum.  But if I can secure ill health retirement and tier 1 it is better.  Anyone have experience of the process and how long this all takes.  Not sure if I would also qualify for redundancy or not.  Can you take retirement and then apply for ill health retirement.

Any advice gratefully received.

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Warm welcome to the Mac Community, a club no one ever wanted to join...

Until you get some replies from those with some experience of this you could check out the Macmillan Pensions and Ill Health Retirement section here (link).

You could also make good use of the free phone 0808 808 0000 support line number (9am - 8pm Mon to Fri) to speak with one of the Mac Financial Advisors who are brilliant :)

Hope this is of some help for now, take care, G n' J

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Hi handg, I am wondering if you belong to the union at work, who knowing all the schemes particular to your work might be able to help you. 

I have been through restructuring with a government employer and for me you had no right of appeal if you were not picked for redundancy, they took how much sick leave you had had in the past into account aswell as how expensive it was to make you redundant. I was not chosen for redundancy and was transferred 35 miles away so stayed while they paid my excess travel. When I left the department I did not take my pension but found local part time work. After my cancer diagnosis and a poor prognosis of less than 12 months I applied for my government pension which took 4 months to come through, my lump sum was enhanced due to my less than 12 months prognosis, they will also advise you to see a financial adviser about your options. If I hadn’t been entitled to an enhancement and hadn’t needed drs letters it would not have taken so long, HR estimated 3 months. Your HR department or union will be best placed to estimate how long things should take.

The Macmillan phone line 0808 808 0000 open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm might also be worth a call. There is also this Macmillan section about Pensions