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sick leave allowance at work

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Can anyone help with clarifying terms of contract for sick leave allowance for me plz?

 I received advice from other HR, my friends' friends, and employee assistance line,  but our HR keeps interpreting it the way she likes...

I can post copy of extract here

I really dont want things to go wrong with HR so want to be prepared for next meeting. 

Last resort is CAB but it might take a long time to see someone with qualifying background 

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Before you go for last resorts, might I suggest a quick call to the Macmillan helpline

It's open 9 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and you can speak to somebody who'll be able to tell you all about your rights.

Good luck.

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Hi Barbara

Yes of course I'll give them a call but it's not about my rights...its about finding here someone who can help with confirming what my contract actually says. And someone with understanding of what cancer is and if its relevant to the interpretation of contract wording 

I'll call help line tomorrow:-)