Synovial sarcoma


Any Paediatric case with synovial sarcoma for neck ?

Would like to hear from you. . Thanks 

  • Hi Jeo, I was just checking through the unanswered posts and came across your message. Cannot say I have any experience as it is my wife who has the cancer, Leiomyosarcoma.

    Sarcoma is one of the rarer cancers and so it can be more difficult to find people with experience and sarcoma in children even more so. You might like to drop in on Soft tissue sarcomas forum and if you have not found it already sarcoma uk is also a good source of information.

    For my wife we have been living with cancer now for 6 years, she has had two different types of chemotherapy and for now her cancer is really stable so much so that the monitoring has been reduced to once every 6 months.



  • Thanks for that info

    Wishing your wife good heath