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Can anyone give advice on blood test results?

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Hi, sorry to be a panic pants but my 7 month old son was previously in hospital with suspected Leukemia, after further blood tests they said they couldn't see any leukemia so would put it down to viral infection but bloods would need to be repeated in 3 weeks time. His bloods were done again on Tuesday morning but I still haven't heard anything, they just said they would ring with results, last time in the hospital the results were back within a day at the most so now I'm worrying that perhaps they have found something this time? What do people think? So sick of waiting I would rather know either way. Any similar stories or advice would be greatly appreciated as I want to stop panicking or prepare either way. Thank you

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Hey Lucy,

I'm so sorry to see you've not had a reply back yet, and that you're going through such a tough time at the moment.

I'm hoping though that you've managed to have the doctor explain the results to you, and that they're all back by now.

I hope it was good news, but if you need anything then please do shout!



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